Customs Fast Track

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Customs Fast Track
Game GTA San Andreas
For Cesar Vialpando
Location San Fierro
Reward $10,000, Respect
Unlocks Test Drive
Unlocked by Puncture Wounds

Customs Fast Track, given by Cesar Vialpando to protagonist Carl Johnson, is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Collect this mission anytime at the Doherty Garage.


Cesar is told that another car on their wishlist is being loaded onto a container down at the docks at Easter Basin. His contact has marked the container with a spray can.


Get in a car with Cesar and head over to the docks. Get into the crane and start lifting containers onto the ground so that Cesar can find the one that you're looking for (a Jester). Once it is found, security arrives and Cesar's health bar appears on-screen. Kill off any attackers and make your way back to the garage in Doherty. Mission is then passed.


Instead of a Jester, a Savanna spawns at the Wang Cars showroom after the mission.