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Game GTA San Andreas
For Sweet
Location Los Santos
Reward 6 Respect, $500
Unlocks Sweet's Girl, Ryder Path, Pay 'n' Spray
Unlocked by Nines and AKs

Drive-By is a mission that introduces Pay 'n' Spray shops.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Drive the guys around Ballas territory while they engage a firefight.
  2. Head to a Pay 'n' Spray to take care of your Wanted Level before you head home.

Detailed Walkthrough

Attack the Ballas

At Sweet's house, after taking some grief from Ryder about his driving skills, Sweet has CJ drive the three of them (including Big Smoke) into Ballas territory for some payback after the Cluckin' Bell attack.

Head to the map marker. When you arrive, Sweet says that they will handle the shooting so you can concentrate on driving. Look for the red map markers that indicate targets. Notice you new "Car Health" bar. If it empties, everyone dies and you fail the mission. If you have an Uzi, you can give the boys a hand in the drive-by.

Pay 'n' Spray

When you've taken out an adequate number of Ballas, your Wanted Level (which is shown by the stars in the upper-right corner) goes up and the cops will begin chasing you. To get them off you tail, you'll need to either head to a Pay 'n' Spray or pick up a Police Bribe. The nearest Pay 'n' Spray is indicated by a spray-paint can on the map. This shop not only takes your Wanted Level down to 0 by repainting your vehicle, but it also repairs your vehicle. This normlly costs $100, but it's free the first time.

At first, your wanted level will only be suspended. Tha stars will flash for a short while after you leave the shop. If you catch the attention of the Police during this time, your wanted level will be fully reinstated.

Drive to the map marker back at your Ganton neighborhood. Sweet will give you $500.