Evidence Dash (GTA CW)

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Evidence Dash is a mission given to Huang Lee by Wade Heston in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


Follow Wade's Admiral and make sure his friends don't destroy it. If you hit it, the driver will attack you. The car will come to a stop in Varsity Heights, where you can steal it. Drive it to the Pay 'n' Spray, then find a secluded area, like an alleyway. Park the car and use the touchscreen to remove the files, light a match and burn them. Return the car to Wade in one piece and the mission is complete.


(Wade and Huang meet behind 60 Diner)

Wade: IAD took my car - that's a big problem for me - there were certain things I should have got rid of in that car. Things that will take over people down. You've gotta get it back before my fucking squad catches up with it.

Huang: So, just to get this straight, ...you don't want your car snatching your car back from IAD?

Wade: Exactly. I'm so fucked, I don't want help from my best friends. Some of the evidence will implicate them. When they catch up with my car they're gonna blow it to kingdom come.

Huang: Okay, and that's a bad thing why?

Wade: Well, the car belonged to my wife, god rest her... I love that car! I don't want a scratch on it!

Huang: Last time we spoke, you were divorced, now you're a widower. Heston - I think you just might be full of shit. I'll get you your car, and then you and I will have words.

(Huang retrieves the car)

Huang: I'm not your valet, FRIEND, I'm not doing this again.

Wade: You don't know what this means to me, Huang... this car was the last thing my wife bought me before she... you know, before she was...

Huang: Before she what, buddy?

Wade: Before she fucked my best friend! There, I said it. I'm a loser, and that's why I'm a drug addict, now, give me that fucking car. I'll be in touch.

Huang: You're back on the drugs, aren't you?

Wade: No way! I'm clean and serene. And you know what? I forgive you. Step 8! Step fucking 8, buddy.

Mission Replay description

"IAD stole Heston's car.

They knew it was full of evidence that would ruin him and his squad.

I got the car back and destroyed the evidence. Man, I should open a fucking valet service for morons."