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So the other night I was with my friend and we were talking about how in every GTA game, there has only been male protagonists. Theres nothing really wrong with playing as a guy, but I'm pretty sure there are girls playing GTA out there and probably want to play as a character they can relate to or something. I think it would be pretty sweet to like play as a prostitute or ex stripper and totally kick drug lord ass. I'm just saying that a story like that would make one hell of a game.

Forums GTA There should be a female protagonist in the next GTA

NO! there should never be a female protagonist. EVER! It's not saints row 2, which is just absolutely ridiculous. I dont believe rockstar will make a female protagonist anyway so im not worried.

Yes, I agree with this.....And I think Lola Del Rio, the girl from the cover art for GTA4 fits the bill perfectly........HarveyH92 23:25, August 11, 2010 (UTC)