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{{infobox character
#REDIRECT [[Jock Cranley]]
|name = Jock Cranley
|game_1 = GTA V
|gender = M
|status = Alive
|home = [[Los Santos in GTA V|Los Santos]]
|nationality = United States
|businesses = Government
'''Jock Cranley''' is a Republican candidate for governor of [[San Andreas in GTA V|San Andreas]] in [[Grand Theft Auto V]]. He is a former [[Vinewood in GTA V|Vinewood]] actor and stuntman and was featured in the 1985 film [[18 Wheeler Deathrace]]. He claims to hate immigrants and the crippled and says that he cannot stand "unions, cops and old ladies". In his gubernatorial campaign, he believes that people should help themselves instead of relying on the government.
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