Sea Sparrow

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Sea Sparrow in flight

The Sea Sparrow is one of the two helicopters on San Andreas that can land on water, and on Vice City is the only vehicle that can land on water. It is an improved version of the Sparrow helicopter. It features pontoons insted of the metal landing gear, and also has a .50 caliber machine mounted on it that can be fired with the push of a button. On Vice City it has to be unlocked by collection 70 hidden packages, and is intended to be a bonus to the player. On San Andreas the Sea Sparrow is available at, at least 2 spawnpoints being freely available to the player once unlocking the desert area. Even though it features a gun mounted on it is not good to use this helicopter primairly for attack purposes as it has a fully exposed engine and a few bullets will bring it down. It is particulairly usefull for collecting oysters on the game as it can be parked on the water while the player gets the oyster, and then can easily fly to the next one.