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Introduce of my GTA short stories

I introduced GTA short stories in my profile. I can't translate all word of that novels, but I can write summary about that short stories. There're written since 2006 when I was in the second grade in (Korean) High School(Korean Education system is 4(Elementary)-3(Middle)-3(High)-6(University)).

I didn't knew empire city is mean New York City. I just see that name in arcade game from MAME named Empire City Hunt:1931. GTA:EC and other three stories are actually not GTA Fan Fiction because there're written when I didn't knew about GTA3 era stories.

GTA:Cheonju was based on fictional city of South Korea. And some characters and all districts were based on characters in Nekketsu Monogatari(River City Ransom in USA version).

GTA:Metro City was based on fictional city near at New York, and name was followed in capcom game Final Fight. Some characters based on minor characters in GTA3 era, but have very few relation.

Plot of my GTA short stories

GTA:Empire City

Lester H. Granderson, korean-american, was dealt a drug with Simon Baker(Lester's friend), Olivero Christiani(son of Don Franco Christiani, boss of Christiani Family), Mark Tailor(purchaser). But corrupt Captain Leonard Duke ambushed their dealing, so transaction was broken. Lester and Simon saved from Claude Speed(Claude's surname wasn't confirmed at GTA3 era). Claude "told" them about his boss, Tommaso "Tommy" Vercetti(Claude was seen don't speak). So Lester found jobs from Lawyer Ken Rosenberg(Ken lost his lawyer capacity at 1992), Claude Speed(Owner of U.L. Nightclub), Tommy Vercetti...(omitted)

GTA:Empire City Stories

It was maybe 2 years earlier than GTA:Empire City. Frank Carter, korean-american, was arrested because he robbed casino with Stan Klemm, Marian Klemm, Calvin Perkins. But only Frank was jailed and Stan, Marian, Calvin were released because they dealt with Lieutenant Leonard Duke. After Justin Pfeiffer, roommate of prison, was listened Frank's stories and suggested jailbreak plan. Jailbreak plan was nearly failed, but Frank and Justin escaped. Some days later, they founded KTA(Korean Traders Alliance) for camouflage and business. And Frank planned revenge for betrayer...(omitted)


After GTA:Empire City Lester got a call from Jay Karnark and listened stories about trouble between Korea and Japan with Cheonju. So he came back to Cheonju, Korea and found Jay's friends, Gu Yeong-Ho(shortly Guy) and Jin Myeong-Hui(shortly Mini). He made false name Cha Sang-Jin(shortly Jin), because he didn't want to advertise himself. For their business, they thought to borrow power of Yakuza. Guy was opposed, but Mini taken a deal with Sabu Sagoyama, boss of Sagoyama-zo(Family:Japanese). Sabu asked one job for their trust, so Jin tried to blast cargo ship of Masuyama-zo, rival of Sagoyama-zo, but failed. Jin was saved from Guy and Mini. But Sabu called them to account and send an ultimatum said "If you don't make one million yen, you all dead!" Jin worked his friends and making one million yen...(omitted)

GTA:Metro City

Tim Dewprayne was mountain climbing with Rodney and Matt Fines brothers. They stayed one night in mountain villa. But next morning, people stayed in mountain villa all dead except Tim. And MCPD ambushed villa. Tim escaped, but someone shot his back and Tim was gone faint. After he waked up in Antony White's house, but don't remembered who shot his back. Antony and his henchman, Max Schtenny helps Tim to find murderers...(omitted)

Unconfirmed Events of GTA3 era List

There're just my personal thinkings.

1. Who is killed in GTA:VC opening? Victor Vance? Pete Vance? (Pete Vance-Because Victor vowed never get drug)

2. Did Officer Jimmy Hernandez really dead? (I think CJ would choose "Kill" just left him dead, or "Save" took him to hopsital so he testified about Tenpenny's crimes.)

3. Why Claude never talk? (Maybe he cut his tongue by someone...or just speech/hearing disorder.)

4. Who succeed Leone Family? Antonio "Toni" Cipriani, Joey Leone? (Maybe Joey Leone, because Joey must be conciliate Toni and offer his hospitality to Ma Cipriani. And Joey sends Toni to warfield with Sindacco/Forelli/Vercetti.)

5. Where is Mike who is protagonist of GTA Advance? (Vice City? Whatever Liberty City is never. I bet Vice City and he'll be hired from Tommy to escort him.)

6. What happen to Mike the Goon? (At first, Mike the Goon seen two mission of GTA:VC, "Bar Brawl" and "Cop Land". I think he'll be leaved by Tommy like Ken Rosenberg. They just used.)

7. Who are next bosses of Forelli Brothers and Sindacco Family? (I don't know, we should to make new characters.)

8. Is Woozie really blind? (I just it is fake. He just act blind. Some games viewed Chinese mystic, like Ancient Wu from True Crime:Streets of LA. Woozie'll be tell a truth to CJ, just we can't see that moment.)

9. What happen to Ray Machowski? (He'll be act spy under Vercetti Family. He ask protection to Tommy, and he sell LCPD database for help of his friend-not Leon McAffrey.)

10. What happen to Donald Love? (He'll be flee away with Oriental Gentleman, I think.)

11. Is GSF takes all territories of Los Santos? (I never think like that. But I want to believe that is not truth. I think Ballas and Vagos not weak showed in game. If Rockstar will make DLC of SA, I recommend LSGW Real.)

(Another article will be updated on another times...)