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Asuka has found some information from Miguel, there is 3 death squads dotted around Shoreside, in a bid to kill you from Catalina. Asuka has set up a trap, and you must lead these fools to it where the Yakuza will kill them for you.

This maybe nice to try a bullet-proof vehicle on (Patriot) because the Yakuza and Cartel can sometimes shoot your car to pieces. Go to the first death squad and try to stay a resonable length in front of them, but not too far other wise they will give up. Stay around the same speed limit as them and try not to get lost. Lead them to the trap and watch them die. Each car has 4 Cartel members in it, so you know when your are done with each death-squad, because 12 members will be dead.

Information taken from Aron Baker's guide for Grand Theft Auto III.