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Many items in GTA games are required to be collected to achieve statistical 100% completion of the game, but not to complete the main storyline. Rewards are offered for collecting certain amounts of each collectible, and each individual collectible gives a small payment.

File:VC hidden package.jpg
A hidden package from GTA Vice City
  • Hidden Packages are the most well known collectible in the GTA series, featured in all of the GTA III Era games. They are hidden around all the cities, behind buildings, under bridges etc.

Other collectibles only feature in GTA San Andreas:

  • Tags are 100 rival gang graffiti tags on walls around Los Santos, which you must spray over using the Spray Can with your own gang's tag. The reward for tagging all Hidden Sprays: AK-47, Tec-9, Sawn-Off Shotgun and Molotov Cocktails in the kitchen of the Johnson House in Grove Street.
  • Photo Ops are 50 scenes around San Fierro that you need to take a photo of to collect.
  • Horseshoes are 50 small items to collect around Las Venturas.
  • Oysters are located in the sea around San Andreas. The reward for finding all 50 Oysters is more lung capacity and more sex appeal. Every oyster itself gives you $100.