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Nurse Bob is a talkshow-host who has his own show at LCFR (Liberty City Free Radio), Heartland Values, with Nurse Bob. The show bears a striking resemblance to Dr. Phil, an American talkshow-host on TV. Many quotes used by Phil, is also used by Bob on the radio, like "My definition of insanity is, doing something repedetly, and expecting different results" (or fantasising about your mother-in-law). Like many hillbillys, Bob is strongly religous, saying things like: "You are gonna be burning, for eternity, in hell", "The devil drinks for breakfast, and sometimes, at lunchtime". He is also famous for being very fast-mouthed, ignoring what people mean and blabbering about their problems. Like once, he called a woman named Melissa, who called, blaming herself because her marriage wasnt working. Bob acused her for being fat, and yelling at her, to get on the treadmill.

There is also clues in what he says that suggests that he was molested by his father, but this is unknown.