Protection Racket (business)

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The Protection Racket is a business in the Empire Building feature of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


The business is the one to make the least amount of Money. If you want to include this in your empire it will cost you $1500 for a Small-time, $2900 for a Medium Venture, and $4400 for a High-Roller. If you buy the High-Roller you will have unlocked the Hired Muscle outfit and will be available in every Safehouse.

Empire Mission

The mission for this is to convince owners of various shops to pay protection. During the mission you can receive a new client by entering the shop and destroying enough of the stock (also can be used to rob stores whenever the player desires). You can also defend one of your client's shop if it comes under attack from an enemy gang. And last you can take a client away from another gang for payback from a previous assault.