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The following is a script of the mission "Blow Your Cover" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Elizabeta: Aww yeah ha ha. Woo oo! Yeah! Oh, looking food from here! Hey, Niko!

Niko: Hey!

Elizabeta: Uh, I'll catch up with you. How you doing?

Niko: Good. And you?

Elizabeta: Surround yourself with cocaine and the assholes soon follow... Hey, Johnny!

Johnny: Yo!

Elizabeta: Come over here. Come here.

Johnny: Yeah!

Elizabeta: Niko, this is Johnny. Now, Johnny is sitting on a big pile of heroin. I don't go near the stuff... professionally... but I found him a buyer. We're nervous. Will you oversee the deal and check everything is cool?

Niko: Sure.

Elizabeta: Thank you.

Johnny: Well, I got to go pick up the stuff so, uh, I'll see you there.

Elizabeta: A 'ight. So, who else do you need to meet, huh? Do you know Playboy?

Niko: No.

Elizabeta: Hey! Playboy! X! Ha ha! This is Niko. Hey Niko, this Playboy.

Playboy X: Whassup, money?

Elizabeta: Playboy is going along with you. I want as many people around this deal as possible.

Playboy X: Bet Are you ready to bounce? Well come on then.

Pathos I am the best, I am number one!

Elizabeta: Later.


Playboy X: We going down to Cassidy Street in Schottler.

Niko: Does Elizabeta get you to do stuff like this often?

Playboy X: Elizabeta don't get me to do shit. I just like to keep an eye on things. There ain't a deal in this town I don't know about. I own this city, for real.

Niko: Yeah, well how come we haven't met before?

Playboy X: You obviously ain't been big time. I started small like you, player. Slinging rocks on the corner, sticking cats up, all type of shit. Them was the old days. Now it's all about diversification.

Niko: A heroin deal is your way of diversifying?

Playboy X: Money talks. Money say jump, cat say how high. This is a cash deal. I got other shit going down as well.

Niko: What type of shit you got going on? I'm always looking for work, if it pays that is.

Playboy X: I pay like a Schlongberg Sachs bonus, bitch. It's Christmas every day when you're rolling with this nigga.

Niko: So, you got work?

Playboy X: Not yet. I got to set shit up. But I'll need a cat like you real soon. Gimme your number.

Niko: Tell me about that biker, the one with the smack, Johnny.

Playboy X: I ain't workin with that cat but I heard about him. He doing all type of crazy shit. Blowing stuff up. Them boys, the Lost, they in some heavy type of gang war is what I heard. Crazy whiteboy shit. Think only one group can grow beards and ride bikes in this town.

Niko: It's a big town.

Playboy X: Not big enough for some people. What that other gang called? Death angels or some shit. Anyways, be careful of this cat. Don't want to look at him the wrong way, crazy motherfucker.

Niko: You scared of him?

Playboy X: I ain't scared of nobody. All them bikers is racist as shit is all.

(Niko and Playboy enter the apartment and meet Johnny)

Playboy X: The crib's on the 3rd floor.

Playboy X: Buyer is some Asian dude call Charlie.

Niko: Like in Vietnam??

Playboy X: Just like the movies, money?

Niko: Hey, you ready?

Johnny: Sure, let's do this. Nothing like selling some dope to let you know you're alive.

Niko: Let's go.

Playboy X: Yeah, let's do this.

Johnny: Alright, c'mon.

Charlie: Hey... what's going on guys, what's going on?

Johnny: Not much. Let's do this.

Charlie: You've got the heroin? Right? Right?

Johnny: Come on, let's do this, quickly.

Charlie: But you've got the heroin, correct? You're carrying it, correct? I mean it's a simple question.

Johnny: What's wrong with you? You're being fucking weird.

Charlie': Not weird, man, I just wanna know if you're carrying the stuff right?

Johnny: You ain't right, friend, come on... let's get out of here.

Charlie: LCPD. Freeze motherfucker. I said freeze.

(A gunfight ensues)

Playboy X: Yo. They gonna expect us to go out the front with that biker dude. We gonna hit up the roof. You clear out the floor above first, money.

(Niko clears out the floor above them)

Niko: I got rid of these guys. Let's go.


Niko: These ones won't be causing no trouble. We move.

Playboy X: Head up, player.


Playboy X: We need to get out through the roof, player.

Playboy X: Up, up. Keep moving.

(Niko clears out the next floor)

Niko: The coast is cleared. Come on, Playboy.

Playboy X: Yo, money. We going up.

(The two get to the roof)

Playboy X: Cock it and BLAM.


Playboy X: It's over for them fools, G.

(The two run to another rooftop)

Playboy X: Yo, Money. Follow me.

Playboy X: Follow the money.

Playboy X: I need you near me.

Playboy X: Come on, money. End them.

Playboy X: Up the stair, money.

Playboy X: Blast these dudes.

Playboy X: Drop these suckers, player.

Playboy X: Yo, G. Stay close.

(More NOOSE show up)

Playboy X: They be more of them FIB cats up in this shit.


Playboy X: Pop these dudes. They got to the party late.

Playboy X: This some serious FIB shit.

Playboy X: Show these boys some heat.

Playboy X: Stick by me.

(The two move down the building)

Playboy X: Get some pace on, player. We ghosting through here.

Playboy X: Yo, money. We going down through this sucker.

Playboy X: You want to start rolling with me, drive me back to my crib in Northwood on X.

(Niko drives to Playboy's house)

Playboy X: Shit man. I'd a fucking died instead of being caught by them feds. You take a bid on a heroin beef you ain't seeing light for a long time. You rotting up in that shit.

Niko: Yeah?

Playboy X: A future in a max security pen ain't no future at all. You forget about them cats that do that sort of time.

Niko: Any of your friends on the inside?

Playboy X: My man Dwayne Forge is inside on a crack beef. He showed me some shit back in the day but shit... When he gets out, if he ever does, it won't be the same world.

Niko: What's difference since this guy's been doing his bid?

Playboy X: Shit changed. There be more to it than the crack tip nowaday. There be the smack tip, the rap game, X, chronic, meth... shit, I'm looking into expanding my horizons.

Niko: Yeah?

Playboy X: For sure, reach for the stars and all that shit! I don't see why a young kid from the hood can't make something out of himself... Street cats like me just get labeled as pimps, and pushers and stickup artists.

Niko: But you are a drug pusher?

Playboy X: That just what I'm doing to get outta the ghetto. I don't see it as selling drugs. Drugs is just one arm of my business. I'm buying and selling that shit like any commodity on the trading floor.

Niko: Only this commodity is illegal.

Playboy X: Yeah, but Playboy is going legitimate. I wanna be one of them developer cats. Build me some skyscrapers. See my name in big gold letters.

Niko: Yeah, I thought you would want to build schools or something. Help young black men get out of the ghetto.

Playboy X: Shit, that'll come. Got to get me successful first.

(Niko drops Playboy off at his house)

Playboy X: Here we be, money. I'll hit you up when I need your ass.

Alternate dialogue

Playboy X: So, is you Russian or something? Is you like one of them oligarchs or some shit?

Niko: I'm not from Russia, no.

Playboy X: Nah? You sound like you coming outta Russia with that accent. That all good, money. Russia's big right now. Rabbit fur hats, Cherenkov vodka, I love that shit. The amount of... what you call dollars in Russia?

Niko: I never been to Russia, but I think their money is called rubles.

Playboy X: Hell yeah, the amount of rubles being dropped up in Liberty City is a joke. I want to get my hands on some of that shit. I don't care about that exchange rate or nothing. I want to be spending rubles like you gangsters.

Niko: Yeah? You short of money at the moment? That why you're overseeing smack deals?

Playboy X: You think I'm short of paper? I just helping out on this deal because Liz is my business partner. She my SoBo connection, hooks me up when I need her to. That why I look after her when she need me to.

Niko: Is that how things go?

Playboy X: For real. That's how shit works up in here. America is the business capital of the world 'cause that's how we roll. Me and Liz are entrepeneurs. Shit, if the deal makes paper, I do it.

Niko: I like to make money, but there should be other considerations when you go into business with a person. I have learnt that at a price.

Playboy X: True that, that right. I ain't no slut, jumping into any nigga give me the eye. Playboy's in bed with Liz because she got the hookups. That's probably why you rolling with her too. Maybe I could use a boy like you on team Playboy.

Niko: You got work?

Playboy X: For sure. Let me hook up with your number. You got a cell, right?

Niko: Yeah.

Playboy X: Gimme them digits, we see if we can make shit happen.

(Niko drives Playboy back to his house)

Playboy X: Playboy X don't like coming that close to being taken down.

Niko: Playboy X? What's the X stand for?

Playboy X: Shit, I don't know, all type of shit.

Niko: Like what?

Playboy X: I ain't gonna use no fool's name, hell no. X is a fuck you to them fools who thought they owned me. Fucking federal government.

Niko: Like Malcolm X?

Playboy X: It's like X marks the spot. That's coz I always on the same corner pushing weight. Always on the same spot so X.

Niko: Sure.

Playboy X: X is like extreme. Extreme bitches, extreme money, I always take things to the next level. Get involved in some extreme shit. Change the game.

Niko: Really?

Playboy X: It's like extra large as well. All type of bitches be calling me that, yeah.

Niko: I bet they do.

Playboy X: Should be like double X or triple X or something on that one though.

Other dialogue

(If Niko gets too far away from Playboy in the house)

Playboy X: I'm all alone up here.

Playboy X: Niko, I need you, player.

Playboy X: Niko, money, yo this ain't cool.

Playboy X: This making me uncomfortable. Where're you?

Playboy X: Where you at, money?

Post mission phone calls


Niko: Elizabeta, things didn't go so good. The contact was...

Elizabeta: U.C. I know. Fucking feds is everywhere. I feel like they want me bad. We see what happens. I got some more deals to make.


Roman: This is great news, Niko. I got the insurance money for the cab depot burning down. The stupid bastards thought it was an electrical fire, not arson.

Niko: Maybe it was an accident.

Roman: Ha, ha. Yeah right. I've put the money into another cab depot. Bellic Enterprises is up and running again. Next stop - floating on the BAWSAQ. I'll give you shares, NB. Later on.


Michelle: Hey, Niko. Mallorie tells me that you are working with Elizabeta Torres now.

Niko: Do you two know each other? Elizabeta seems to have a lot of friends.

Michelle: That's because she's a dealer, Niko. Junkies like the people who supply them with drugs. You aren't getting involved in that world, are you?

Niko: I'm trying to avoid it, Michelle. Maybe I do a few errands for Elizabeta. Nothing serious though. I am no dealer.

Michelle: If you need help with anything, Niko. Just speak to me. If you want to get something off your chest... I'm a good listener, you know?

Niko: I know Michelle, I really appreciate your concern but I can look after myself. I'm a big boy and I must make my own decisions. See you soon.

Michelle: Yeah, Niko. See you soon.

Little Jacob

Little Jacob: Wha'gwan me bredren? You been chilling wit Elizabeta Torres?

Niko: She pays good, man. You know her?

Little Jacob: Yeah man, me know her, Niko. Even Badman's scared of that girl there.

Niko: Should I not be doing business with her?

Little Jacob: Nah, man. She's a real good business woman, ya know star. Just don't get pon her wrong side. Seen? Later on. Me call ya.

Post mission text message

Yo money, sumthing's come up. Hit me at my crib coz I got work for y'all. $$$ - the X

Failing the mission

Playboy X is killed (before meeting)

Niko: I'm afraid that your friend Playboy, he had an accident, he ain't gonna be around no more.

Elizabeta: Playboy was a fool, but he earned. This ain't good. Come back to see me.

Playboy X is killed (after meeting)

Niko: Elizabeta, you friend, the playboy, he's dead. The contact was a cop.

Elizabeta: Pato! No money and a good earner is dead. Why I surround myself with you people?

Johnny is killed

Niko: The deal didn't happen, Elizabeta. Johnny, your biker friend, got himself killed before the meet. Sorry.

Elizabeta: Pato! No money and a good earner is dead. Why I surround myself with you people?

Playboy X is abandoned

Niko: The deal didn't go so good. Charlie was an undercover cop. I think the Feds have Playboy.

Elizabeta: Shit. The boy will say anything to get out of doing hard time. Why you not fucking keep hold of him?

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Playboy X: Come over there and you'll see what it's like rolling with the big boys.

Playboy X: For real. My crib's over on Gavelston Avenue in North Holland.

Playboy X: I ain't doing a bid for this shit. Stick to me, player.

Playboy X: Maybe I do got work for y'all.

Playboy X: That was crazy, money. You a good man to have around when the shit goes down.

Niko: Yeah?