Grand Theft Wiki:Licensing

Grand Theft Wiki has a series of policies regarding the use and reproduction of Copyright or licenced material.

Using Grand Theft Wiki Content

Grand Theft Wiki's content is available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (full text).

In short, you are free to to copy, modify, distribute and transmit the work, but you MUST provide attribution (by linking back to this site on every page our content is used on) and you must use the the same licence (CC-BY-SA) or a compatible one for your copy, whether modified or not.

This means you can...
  • Use Grand Theft Wiki content for other sites or projects, so long as you provide attribution as below, and use a compatible licence
  • Alter content from Grand Theft Wiki for use on other sites or projects, so long as you provide attribution as above, and use a compatible licence
You must not...
  • Copy any content (whether modified or not) without providing attribution
  • Copy content (whether modified or not), then release it under full-copyright or an incompatible licence
  • Pretend that you created or own any content from this site
Attribution Required
  • For websites and software, you must provide a prominent and contextualised link to for every page that any Grand Theft Wiki content appears on. You must state that the content came from Grand Theft Wiki, and that the authors of the content may be found here. Ideally, you should link directly to the page content came from, so that the History page can be accessed to find the authors. Remember that the work must be compatible with CC-BY-SA.
  • For other uses, such as books or videos, you must explain the content came from Grand Theft Wiki, provide the URL to, and explain that a full list of authors may be found on this site. Remember that the work must be compatible with CC-BY-SA.

Please read the full CC-BY-SA licence text for a thorough understanding of the issues and requirements. Please approach our Staff if you have any questions.

Grand Theft Wiki's name, logo, design and meta-content is Copyright © 2024 Gerard Boyers. Gerard Boyers is the licensor for content on Grand Theft Wiki, and is responsible for upholding, enforcing and maintaining the copyright and licencing of Grand Theft Wiki and its content.

Licence Breaches

If a person, user, web site, or organisation breach the CC-BY-SA licence, such as by copying content without attribution, then the CC-BY-SA licence is automatically terminated. Full copyright law and restrictions automatically apply, with all rights reserved. This applies to all of Grand Theft Wiki's content.

For more information, and a list of sites/people that have had their licences terminated, see: Grand Theft Wiki:Licence Termination

Finding Authors

On every page, you can view the full contribution history by clicking "View History", which is located at the top next to the "Edit" button. This will show all the users who have edited that page, the specific edit they made each time, and a link to their user page.

Please be aware that edits before 10 October 2010 were made on Grand Theft Wiki's previous hosts, at Wikia. The user accounts that made those edits are from Wikia, and may be found at the following url: ( The user names on this wiki may not be the same person as the user name on Wikia, although we have a process that allows you to reclaim your account.

If you are in any doubt, please contact the Staff who will be able to verify each user's identity and source the original contributor of all content.

Putting Content onto Grand Theft Wiki

By editing Grand Theft Wiki, you agree to license all content you add under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License 3.0 (Unported).

No copyrighted content should be placed on Grand Theft Wiki unless one of these conditions apply:

  • You own the copyright
  • You have express written permission from the Copyright holder
  • The content has a valid licence that means it can be used on Grand Theft Wiki
  • It is an official or unofficial image of a GTA game (ie screenshot, box art)
  • It is fair & necessary to use the content (eg short quotes, company/product logos)

Wherever possible, you should state where you found the content, if you did not create it yourself:

  • For images, you must use a copyright template on the file's page.
  • For article content, you should specify the source and author either in a reference, the edit summary, or a note on the talk page of the article.

We believe it is fair to use screenshots of games to represent games and the characters, vehicles and locations in those games. We also believe that it is fair to use existing screenshots for that purpose, since we (by default) allow images to be reproduced elsewhere. Credit will be given where due. However, if the copyright holder wishes to dispute our use of an image, it should be discussed on the talk page for the image or this page.

See: Copyright templates for various copyright templates for use on images


Grand Theft Wiki will not be held liable for any misuse of content by our registered members. Each user is responsible for their own actions, and for maintaining the security of their account. Grand Theft Wiki acts as the publisher of content, and its staff will pursue breaches of licence on behalf of our contributors. Grand Theft Wiki and its staff may take action against any user that breaches copyright or other licences, including (but not limited to) removal of access to this site.

Correction of Breaches of Copyright

If you believe a copyright has been breached, please let us know on the talk page, and provide proof of the source and licence of the content. We will aim to correct the problem as soon as possible if neccessary.