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Grand Theft Wiki is a site about the Grand Theft Auto series of games that anybody can edit.

Grand Theft Wiki was founded in 2006 and originally hosted itself. It was hosted by Wikia from December 2007, when GTW merged with the old English GTA Wikia there. The wiki was supposed to remain owned by its community and operated by its own internal staff.

In October 2010, GTW left Wikia due to ongoing disrespect for the community and significant unwelcome changes, once again becoming an independent site. A copy of this wiki was left behind at Wikia, although the community has moved to this site which is the official Grand Theft Wiki.

User:Gboyers founded Grand Theft Wiki, whilst User:Thai420 founded the old Gboyers has overall strategic and operational responsibility for maintaining this wiki, aided by a number of Managers and Administrators.

Content on Grand Theft Wiki may be reused elsewhere, provided there is adequate attribution. Mass copying of data requires the permission of a Manager. See Grand Theft Wiki: Copyright for details.

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