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They're currently ALL on pages with their short name, that is, without the company name. I started moving articles so they have redirects and then realised this. i.e. Wii is now at Nintendo Wii, Dreamcast is at Sega Dreamcast.... I was just thinking which page should have the article, and which should redirect. I personally feel the page should include the full name, e.g. Microsoft Xbox 360 and have Xbox 360 redirect to that. Any other opinions? Chris 14:44, 23 May 2007 (BST)

They are all on pages with their full names, just not with the manufacturers names. The Wii is a Wii, it is as simple as that. There isn't more than one type of Wii (eg Sony Wii and Nintendo Wii). You often would say it is a Nintendo Wii, so that people who don't know what it is will have some idea what you're on about. It is the same with cars, you have an A3 or a Ka or a Mondeo or whatever - that is the model name of the vehicle. You don't need to say "I have a Ford Mondeo" every time.
However, I do accept that this is the way things are often done, I am just in favour of shorter titles. Notice that Wikipedia does not add "Sony" onto the front.
I don't think we need to have everything in the fullest-format possible. We don't say "Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas". Everybody will know what we're on about if we say PlayStation 3, forcing Sony to be at the front of that wouldn't really add anything. If you want to be technical, you know that Microsoft Windows actually has ® at the end, and it is incorrect to say it without. So does the PlayStation 3 for that matter. If you are such a big fan of being anally correct, please say Sony® PlayStation 3® every time :)
As with all changes in consistency - discuss first, act later. Xenon (?) 15:17, 23 May 2007 (BST)