Closing the Deal/Script

The following are dialog and mission scripts for "Closing the Deal", a mission in Grand Theft Auto V.


(Trevor arrives at the Bilingsgate Motel to meet Josh Bernstein for his reward)

Josh Bernstein (to himself): Blank it out.

(Trevor begins approaching Josh)

Josh Bernstein: Oh there you are, there you are. Tony, Tony, wasn't it?

Trevor Philips: Here I am/

Josh Bernstein: You taught that bastard.

Trevor Philips: Yeah maybe.

Josh Bernstein: Alright, well you earned it, room nine. She's right up there. Go for it man. She's.... She's... She's... Well, you just knock yourself out. Okay?

(Trevor goes to and enters room nine with time skipping forward a few hours. Trevor walks down the stairs toward Josh)

Josh Bernstein: Hey! Hope you had a good time, up there Tony?

Trevor Philips: Ha ha.

Josh Bernstein: Listen, listen. I don't know if you feel up for it or anything, but err... maybe you could go give Lenny... a wakeup call? This is what he looks like, right here, okay? Now I think you can find him, he'll be doing some showings over Rockford Hills today.

Trevor Philips: I'll give him more than a wakeup call.

Josh Bernstein: That's it. That's it! I love ya. I love ya. I love ya, man!

(Trevor then leaves to find Lenny Avery, if taking Josh's car)

Josh Bernstein: Hey, that's my car!

Trevor Philips: Yeah, I'm taking it.

Josh Bernstein: Look after it, please! I'm late on the payments!

(Trevor drives towards Lenny's location)

Trevor Philips: What a great day this is turning into all of a sudden.

(Trevor continues driving to Lenny's location and receives a phone call from Josh)

Trevor Philips: If it isn't my favorite real estate broker.

Josh Bernstein: Tony, buddy! Are you in Rockford Hills yet?

Trevor Philips: Almost.

Josh Bernstein: Good. I forgot to tell you. Avery drives a green Comet.

Trevor Philips: Don't worry. I'll find him. And after I scare the living shit out of this guy, I get some more, umm, bouncy, right?

Josh Bernstein: Oh, yeah, of course. But, Tony, listen, I kind of told him that you were coming...

Trevor Philips: So much for the element of surprise.

Josh Bernstein: I want him to know who's behind the pain that he's about to experience. Listen, I gotta go, don't let me down, bud.

(Trevor drives to Lenny's location and Lenny spots him)

Lenny Avery: Oh shit!

Buyer: Hey! Aren't you going to show me that house I can't afford? Where are you going?

(Trevor begins to chase Lenny doing as much damage to his Comet as possible)

Trevor Philips: Lenny, pull over, let's talk!

Lenny Avery: You stay the hell away from me!

Trevor Philips: I have a message from Josh Bernstein.

Lenny Avery: Oh, God, just leave me alone!

(If Trevor falls a significant distance behind Lenny's car)

Trevor Philips: That is one annoyingly fast car.

(While Trevor is following Lenny)

Trevor Philips: The things I do for bouncy bouncy.

(If Lenny's car is forced to pull over due to damage caused by Trevor or crashes while attempting to escape Trevor)

Lenny Avery: Shit, no.

Trevor Philips: Pull over, Lenny. Don't make this any worse than it already is.

Lenny Avery: This can't be happening.

Lenny Avery: What do you want? Did I sell you a property in the North Chumash development? I couldn't have predicted those mudslides! No one could have! My lawyer told me I'm not liable. I can give you his number. I've got integrity man. Most of the time!

(If Trevor assaults Lenny with a melee weapon)

Trevor Philips: Look at you, your hair didn't even move.

Lenny Avery: Please leave me alone. I'll do anything...

Trevor Philips: Stay away from Josh's business. Or next time I won't be so gentle.

Lenny Avery: Okay! Okay! I got it.

(Lenny begins to run away, if having been threatened with a gun)

Lenny Avery: Just calm down, nobody needs to get shot! Message received, okay?! Put the gun down!

(If Trevor hit Avery with a melee weapon)

Lenny Avery: Ow, my stomach staple. Feels like it's ruptured. I can't start binging again!