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There are many companies that runs a fleet of Coaches in the Grand Theft Auto series. All of these companies so far only appears as signages on the sides of the Coaches and serve no practical purpose in the games.

List and appearances

Name Image Appearances Notes
Big Tours BigTours-GTASA-logo.jpg GTA San Andreas The companies slogan is Sit back & watch us go.
Bikini Line Coach Company BikiniLine-GTASA-logo.png GTA San Andreas
Bullet Bus & Coach Line BulletBus&CoachLine-GTAIII-logo.png GTA III, GTA Vice City, GTA Liberty City Stories
Canny Bus Group CannyBusGroup-GTASA-logo.png GTA San Andreas Its name may be a reference to cannabis, the plant species marijuana is made from. This is reinforced by the plant appearing in the logo, which looks similar to cannabis.
Felly Tours GTA III Name seen in a prerelease screenshot[1]
Freedom Bus Line FreedomBusLine-GTAIII-logo.png GTA III, GTA Liberty City Stories The company's slogan is Giving you more Liberty.
Vicefree Bus Line GTA Vice City The company slogan is Experience Vice in comfort.
Whippet Express Coach Whippet-GTAIII-logo.png GTA III, GTA Vice City, GTA Liberty City Stories The name could be a reference to the 1980 hit new wave song Whip It by Devo.