Crime in Vice City in GTA III Era

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Cuban gang members

Vice City has their own kind of crime, mainly not having organized crime like in Liberty City in GTA III Era, but more with the rise of trans-shipment of cocaine and gang activate

Recless Drivers

Throughout the entire city, but most common in Ocean Beach and Downtown, recless drivers can be found. Unlike conventional drivers, recless drivers drive recklessly with no regard for road rules and pedestrians. Instead of just waiting for the car in front of them to pass, recless drivers just drive around them. Recless drivers also run over pedestrians and crash into parked cars and speed. Recless drivers are usually Street Criminals although they can also be just regular pedestrians.


Vice City is the most gang-infested city in the entire Grand Theft Auto Series, with a total of 15 gangs appearing in GTA Vice City and 16 gangs in GTA Vice City Stories. The gangs are in constant conflict with each other, large shootouts can be seen and expected if two rival gangs are seen near each other in the same area. The gangs seem to control Vice City.


The Cholos are a small time gang in Vice City that were started sometime before 1984.There crimes include a protection racket; prostitution; loan sharking; and gun running.

Costa Rican Gang

A Costa Rican Gang was funtioning out of Vice City most likly starting in 1985 (as they were not seen in Vice City Stories).Their only affiliation with crime is drug smuggling.