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Categories are lists of articles and images on Grand Theft Wiki. Not all articles and images are categorized, and currently we mainly only categorize pages with particular requirements. Pages can be placed in multiple categories.

To put an article into a category, simply link to the category at the bottom of the article - for example: [[Category:Gangs]] - this will not create a link in the text of the article, but put a link in the grey box at the bottom.

The category does not have to exist for you to put an article in it - you create a category simply by putting an article into it. If you put an article into a category that does not have any text, it will show up as a red link - the pages will still be listed but you will be given the opportunity to edit the text on that page.

To link to a category without putting that article into the category, put a colon : at the start of the link. For example [[:Category:Gangs]]

As we continue to grow, we now subcategorize articles - this includes Category:Vehicles in GTA San Andreas which lists all the vehicles in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, instead of just Category:Vehicles.

You can use Special:Categories to view the list of categories. You can also use Special:Uncategorizedpages to view a list of pages that are not in categories, and Special:UncategorisedFiles to view a list of images that are not in categories.

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