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Hi. Im grauer4life. I recently learned how to make my own pages. Im using this to post them.

Auto Theft-Incomplete and Will never complete. I dont like the idea anymore plus it was a pain andi messed up with some stuf and i forgot what year I was setting it in and made mistakes because of that. I thought I was going to base it in 1996 but i decided to make it 2001 during the events of GTA III and near the end it will be November 2001 where Claud gets kidnapped and frozen for 12 years.

Ballaz n' Grovez-A Story showing whats between the Ballas and Grove Street Families. The name was based off Bloodz n' Cripz. The story shows the major fights and relationship between the two gangs. The story starts off when the gangs first start. Not all of the story really happened. Most of it is just fan fiction. This one im gonna try to hang onto and update whenever im on.