Life's a Beach/Script

The following are dialog and mission scripts as seen during "Life's a Beach" in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Carl Johnson: Looking real technical, gangsta!

OG Loc: Carl? You ain't run off again, yet?

Carl Johnson: No, gangsta, I'm here for good.

OG Loc: Yeah? Well, fuck this gig, man. I'm putting together a listening party for my album, but first I need a sound system...

Carl Johnson: Hey, I'm down, as long as I don't have to go to the party.

OG Loc: What you talking about, fool? Guaranteed I start playing, everybody'll come through.

Carl Johnson: Being real, OG, I'm really ain't into rap no more. I'm more into that hardcore gangster shit!

OG Loc: Well that's me, homie, that's me! OG Loc, baby!

Carl Johnson: Yeah, yeah, for sure. But I only like them if they rhyme real well... Y'know, well... Anyway, what you want me to steal?

OG Loc: That's what I'm talking about, love for your homies... Now check it, I caught me a real fly sound system cruising through the drive-thru. I think they headed down to the beach for a beach party. Now check this out, I'll roll with you, and on the way I'll kick a couple of freestyles... (starts freestyling) It's OG Loc in the place, Y'all want to stop me with a gun in your face, OG! OG!

Carl Johnson: Yeah yeah yeah yeah, man, shut the fuck up. Maybe I need to do this on my own. I believe in you. Gangster 4 life, homie. 4 life!

OG Loc: Yeah - for life, homie...

(Carl, speaking to the DJ.)

DJ: Hey, what's crackin'?

Carl Johnson: Just hanging out, you know...

DJ: Well why don't you come out and dance?

Carl Johnson: Yeah, for sure!

DJ: Let's see what you got...

(After dancing)

DJ: You got some moves, wanna come and chat?

Carl Johnson: Yeah, for sure, that sounds nice.

DJ: Let me take you into my office...

(CJ, riding off with the van)

DJ: He's stealing the sounds!