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New World Order is a conservative foreign affairs show on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories' VCPR, hosted by Dwayne Thorn. Each of the show's "reports" is a reflection on each of the negative socio-economic aspects of American influence on the rest of the world during the Cold War. The show also takes in calls from different individuals that predictably shock or puzzle Dwayne based on its subject material. While the show would seem natural under the Republican years of Ronald Reagan, NWO might also be a satire of the right-wing opinion shows that have proliferated in the American media in recent years.


  • Bryce Parker – A reporter with a British accent, reporting on the prostitution – and his personal enjoyment – of children and prepubescents in Thailand. Dwayne is apparently far more interested in the latter.
  • Chuck Summers – Reports on the stereotypical and abject poverty of India prior to its 21st century economic boom before suddenly coming down with a very violent case of diarrhea.
  • John Sickerman – Another reporter with a British accent, John interviews an Ecuadorian drug lord named Pedro on how American money has "transformed" South American society. Parodies American corporate influence in Central and South America as well as the funding of Contras and other violent individuals and groups in those regions during the closing stages of the Cold War.
  • Heinrich Havelock – A reporter with a German accent, interviewing a tribal chieftain from a formerly-forested town in Venezuela that Dwayne cannot pronounce (Dwayne also cannot correctly pronounce Heinrich's name). This interview parodies the cultural assimilation of indigenous peoples due to Western influence.


  • A xenophobic customs and immigrations officer who believes that the phrase "Annuit Cœptis" on the reverse of the $1 bill is part of a conspiracy to get every American to speak Latin. Reflects on the alleged racism and prejudice by American immigrations officials on peoples with suspicious national origins, as well as their nations' influence on American culture.
  • Thorton, a hillbilly who, inspired by Buddha, tries to achieve "enlightenment" through supposedly easy self-help cookbooks and other material, and threatens Dwayne when he disagrees. This caller parodies the attempts by travel-ignorant Americans to become engaged in foreign culture through overly-commercialized and popular media.
  • Michelle, a caller from Midwestern United States who is sexually obsessed with Dwayne, possibly as a result from isolation against anything and everything foreign.