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The following article is 'the mission script for the mission Phnom Penh '86 for Vice City drugs baron Ricardo Diaz in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


(Diaz, talking angrily on the phone)

Ricardo Diaz: What kind of incompetent fool are you?! FOOL! FOOL! FOOL! FOOL!

(He slams his phone to the ground as Tommy enters)

Ricardo Diaz: Tommy!

Tommy Vercetti: What, Ricardo?

Ricardo Diaz: These idiots - they always trying to screw you. That's the problem with this business.

(Diaz sees some guy doing something wrong)

Ricardo Diaz: What do you think you're doing?

(Diaz flings a vase at Tommy Vercetti, but he dodges it)

Ricardo Diaz: These pricks have failed me miserably. Soon any mom and pop will think they can sell Gallo in Vice City. What next, huh? The stinking Mafia?! That gang place is a fortress at ground level. So Quentin here - Quentin! QUENTIN!

(Lance Vance enters)

Ricardo Diaz: He'll fly you over the area. Eradicate them!

(Diaz sees another guy doing something wrong)

Ricardo Diaz: What do you think you're doing?

(Tommy and Lance at the helipad)

Tommy Vercetti: What are you doing here?

Lance Vance: Hey. I've been asking around and it's obvious that Diaz jumped our deal and iced my brother.

Tommy Vercetti: And he'll kill you too!

Lance Vance: I can take Diaz!

Tommy Vercetti: No - listen to me. I'll handle Diaz - he's begining to trust me.

(Diaz's helicopter, Lance and Tommy.)

Tommy Vercetti: One thing puzzling me. What's with Quentin?

Lance Vance: I dunno. I always kinda like it. Quentin Vance...

Tommy Vercetti: Vance? Your name's Lance Vance?

Lance Vance: Hey! I got enough of that at school!

Tommy Vercetti: Lance Vance. Poor bastard.

Lance Vance: Where the hell are we headed anyway?

Tommy Vercetti: Prawn Island.

Lance Vance: You ever fired one of those from a whirly?

Tommy Vercetti: No, I'll get a little practice on the way though.

Lance Vance: OK, we're almost there. I'm gonna make a couple of passes. So take out as many guns as you can. Then I'll set you down and you're on your way.

(While flying over Prawn Island)

Lance Vance: Damn! This is a war zone. Take out some of those gunmen. This thing ain't cheap to fix! Take them out!

The Thief: You're on MY turf, asshole! You're going down.

(At the mansion garden Lance)

Lance Vance: OK! You're on your own from here! Good luck, brother.