Pulling One Last Favor/Script

The following are dialog and mission scripts for "Pulling One Last Favor", a mission in Grand Theft Auto V.


Tonya Wiggins: There he is, my number one player!

Franklin Clinton: You ain't cleared yourself up yet, Tonya? What the fuck is wrong with you? You said it was all good on the phone the other day.

Tonya Wiggins: Look, I was, and y'know, I did. I-I was clean. That's why you haven't really seen me around for a bit but... JB man, the smokin' is real bad, real... real bad. I had a few days.

Franklin Clinton: But you ain't clean now?

Tonya Wiggins: Exactly, okay?

Franklin Clinton: And now your ass gonna lose every fucking thing unless I help you, right? I heard this shit before.

Tonya Wiggins: JB ain't doin' so good. JB ain't well. JB's your cousin!

Franklin Clinton: He ain't my fuckin' cousin!

Tonya Wiggins: Look your momma smoke, nigga. You know what it's like. Why don't you have a heart?

Franklin Clinton: I don't have much of a heart. But by doing this I don't have much of a brain either.

Tonya Wiggins: I love you, Franklin. I mean, I don't know what you want me to say. JB appreciate all you doing. Just one more job with me, and I promise this going to be the last time.

Franklin Clinton: It better be. Now bring yo ass on, come on.

(Franklin and Tonya get into a car and begin driving to the LSPD Auto Impound)

Tonya Wiggins: so, you wanna hit?

Franklin Clinton: Hell no! What happened to you, TOnya? You used to be a good girl.

Tonya Wiggins: Even good girls need some sugar on their cereal. Days get long on the block, you know how it is.

Franklin Clinton: No I don't know how it is. Why don't you get out the hood? Away from JB. I love that nigga, man, but he bad news.

Tonya Wiggins: What like you? Like Tanisha? Find me some rich lawyer or doctor. That ain't real! Maybe JB ain't goin' places, but you know who he is.

Franklin Clinton: If he went his ass to work, that'd be a start.

(Franklin and Tonya arrive at the LSPD Auto Impound)

Tonya Wiggins: A'ight, show me how good you got since last time.

(Franklin and Tonya get into the Towtruck)

Dispatch: This is dispatch, come in. We have an accident on Vespucci Boulevard. Over.

Franklin Clinton: We got it.

Dispatch: Copy that, vehicle twenty-nine. Driver's badly injured, bone box on the scene. Car needs moving to the nearest auto shop. 10-7.

Tonya Wiggins: 10-7, 10-4... Tonya don't talk numbers, baby. Unless you talkin' 4-20, then we got a date.

Dispatch: Er, 10-1. You're breaking up. Over and out.

Franklin Clinton: Man ain't this like the fifth time? Ain't there any other fools out there you can guilt trip into workin' for no pay?

Tonya Wiggins: You in the groove noe, Franklin. And you and JB was homies before you had hair on your balls.

Franklin Clinton: Yeah, so you keep tellin' me.

Tonya Wiggins: I still remember that time your grandpa caught you and JB slingin' cigarettes. Chased you all over South LS.

Franklin Clinton: Yeah man, shit, that was a good hustle while it lasted.

Tonya Wiggins: You still kickin' it with that shit talker Lamar?

Franklin Clinton: Oh, yeah, shit, I'm stuck with that fool forever.

Tonya Wiggins: We didn't ahve much, but we did it right on Forum Drive.

(Franklin drives to the car on Vespucci Blvd)

Tonya Wiggins: Damn, they got messed up.

(Franklin hooks the car up)

Tonya Wiggins: There it is. Okay, fool on the radio said drop it at the repair shop.

Dispatch: I heard that. Over.

Tonya Wiggins: I think there's one on Adam's Apple Boulevard.

(Franklin begins driving toward the Vapid dealership/repair shop)

Tonya Wiggins: I'd say you about earned a tow job of your own.

Franklin Clinton: Come on, Tonya. I told you, you better than that.

Tonya Wiggins: Don't get all high and mighty. You no different. You ain't afraid to use what you got to get paid.

Franklin Clinton: Man, what are you talkin' about?

Tonya Wiggins: I heard about you, rentboyin' on the side. Sellin' yourself.

Franklin Clinton: What?

Tonya Wiggins: That's what people are sayin'. You know Sharonda's cousin Keeara's nephew, Deonte, skinny kid with the big head, they call him golf club?

Franklin Clinton: No, I don't know Sharonda's cousin's nephew.

Tonya Wiggins: He saw you with a rich white boy. I ain't judgin'. I mean we all got bills to pay.

Franklin Clinton: Man, that's so messed up. I don't even know where to start.

Tonya Wiggins: Clearly you do better without me gettin' you all hot under the collar.

(Franklin drops the car off at the Vapid dealership/repair shop)

Tonya Wiggins: That should do it. Can you give me a ride back to the yard?

Franklin Clinton: Like I don't got nothin' else better to do than drive yo ass around.

(Franklin begins driving back to the LSPD Auto Impound)

Tonya Wiggins: JB'll make it up to you, soon as he gets back on his feet.

Franklin Clinton: Yeah, I heard that one before.

Tonya Wiggins: We'll get some drink, get some smoke, get some good food. Do it right. Me, you, JB, Tanisha if you want.

Franklin Clinton: Now that ain't happening'.

Tonya Wiggins: Okay, you, me, JB and that clown Lamar Davis. Old school. If you ain't too busy rentboyin', that is. (Laughs).

Franklin Clinton: Fuck you.

(Franklin and Tonya arrive back at the LSPD Auto Impound)

Tonya Wiggins: You solid, Franklin. Thanks again, baby, don't be a stranger.