Ran Fa Li/Walkthrough

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The following is a walkthrough for the mission Ran Fa Li in GTA San Andreas.


Drive through the red marker at the airport, and into the underground car park. Follow the blue blip on the radar, and get inside the Manana. Not surprisingly, it's an ambush and the Da Nang Boys are covering the exits.

Kill the gangster that exits the van blocking the exit. Squeeze through the gap between the van and the wall, and speed towards the main exit. A damage bar appears on-screen for the vehicle. If the car explodes, the mission is failed. As you exit the car park, turn left and another Vietnamese gangster will attack. Simply drive over him. There is another van up ahead, with two gangsters standing at each side. Drive around the van and continue heading towards the exit. As you leave the airport, more Da Nang Boys will follow, this time on a bike. Go onto the freeway, and follow the blip to reach your destination. As you drive from one end of the city to the other, more Da Nang Boys will follow, on bikes and in cars. Don't fight back just yet and focus on your destination. When you finally reach the garage in Esplanade North, stop in the red marker.