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The following is a script of the mission "Rigged to Blow" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Niko Bellic: Hello.

Ilyena Faustin: Hello.

Niko Bellic: Is Mikhail home?

Ilyena Faustin: No. He's out.

Niko Bellic: Okay. Should I wait outside?

Ilyena Faustin: No, no, come in.

Niko Bellic: Oh, thank you.

Ilyena Faustin: You're welcome. Sit down.

Niko Bellic: Thank you.

Ilyena Faustin: You want some tea?

Niko Bellic: Sure.

Ilyena Faustin: Mikhail doesn't let me use this anymore, says it makes us look like barbarians. Uncivilized. Like immigrants.

Niko Bellic: Oh yeah?

Ilyena Faustin: I know what you're thinking, it is a bit funny coming from him! He did not used to be like this. When we were young, at home, he was beautiful. He was happy... he made me happy. But um... then something changed... years ago. I never quite knew what it was. So many years I wondered what it was. Or what was wrong with me, that I did not see it in him, or... I changed him.

Niko Bellic: Life is complicated. I... I never thought I'd live like this.

Ilyena Faustin: No?

Niko Bellic: When the war came, I did bad things. And after the war, I thought nothing of doing bad things. I killed people, smuggled people, sold people.

Ilyena Faustin: And you don't worry about your soul?

Niko Bellic: After you walk into a village and you see fifty children all sitting neatly in a row along the church wall, each with their throats cut and their hands chopped off, you realise the creature that could do this doesn't have a soul.

Ilyena Faustin: God is very complicated. You mustn't give up hope...

Niko Bellic: Well I don't know about that.

(Dimitri and Faustin walk in)

Dimitri: Hello, Ilyena.

Ilyena: Hello.

Mikhail: What is that? I tell you one thing and you ignore me! (He throws the canister to the floor) You stupid bitch!

(Ilyena runs off crying)

Mikhail: Niko Bellic, baby...good to see you.

Niko: Yeah, you too. What did you want?

Faustin: I want you to teach people to listen to me.

Dimitri: You want him to get us the money.

Mikhail: Fuck the money.

Dimitri: Mikhail, please calm down. We're already in a lot of trouble. I don't know if I can smooth things over with Petrovic.

Mikhail: Fuck him, and fuck you. Who are you? My daddy? Get the fuck out of my house.

Dimitri: Mikhail!...

Mikhail: Get out!

(Dimitri walks out)

Niko: So...what do you want?

Mikhail: This prick who owes me money owns a garage in Chase Point. I want you to pick up a truck and take it to him. Call me when you get to the truck. It's in Schottler on Montauk Avenue. Go. Get out of here.

(Niko leaves and drives over to where the truck is. He gets in and calls Faustin)

Niko: Mr. Faustin, I have the truck.

Mikhail: Drive it over to the garage on the corner of Guantanamo and Windmill. Park up inside.

Niko: Sure. What am I delivering?

Mikhail: When it's inside, trigger the explosive. Should blow up good. Maybe you be careful when you drive over. Is pretty volatile stuff.

Niko: Explosive? What the fuck?

(While driving the truck, Roman calls Niko)

Roman: Niko, it's Roman. We should go and get drunk together.

Niko: I'm nervous enough about driving a truck full of explosives around the city for Mikhail Faustin. He's out of control. Anyway, I'm sorry but if I get drunk with you and then drive this thing I'll definitely blow myself up.Catch you later,cousin.

(Niko blows the garage up and the owner shows up)

Garage Owner: Kenny, Kenny, look. The garage. It's burning. Everything is gone. No, Mr. Petrovic, this was definitely not an accident. My whole fucking business...

LCPD Scanner: There's been an explosion at a garage on Chase Point. Possible terrorist act. Be careful.

Failing the mission

Truck is destroyed

Niko: The fucking truck got trashed before I could get it there. I'm lucky to be alive.

Faustin: Are you stupid? Can you do nothing? I trust these people and they always let me down...

Post mission phone call


Niko: I've blown the place up, but don't pull that shit on me again. Maybe I don't want to drive around while sitting on an atom bomb?

Mikhail: I thought you were the ice cold killer? I thought nothing scares you, man? Pussy. Hasn't anyone got any balls? You and Dimitri, you'd be nothing with me... nothing. This is how you treat me...


Roman: Niko, it's Roman. I was talking to Brucie...

Niko: That 'roid monkey?

Roman: He is a good friend of mine, he'll be a good friend of yours too if you let him. Anyway, he's got some work and we are in need of money. Meet him at Brucie's Executive Autos on Mohanet in East Hook. If Mallorie calls you, we are bowling together. See you later.

Post mission text message

We need to talk. I'll be on the Firefly Island Boardwalk. Your friend, Dimitri.