Roman Bellic/Phone Calls

In Grand Theft Auto IV, after completion of certain missions, the player can call Roman Bellic to hear the two discuss Niko's work. The following is a list of the phone calls along with the mission that needs to be completed to hear it.

Concrete Jungle

Niko: Roman, how's it going?

Roman: You know, cousin, things have been looking up since you got here.

Niko: If things are looking up now, I hate to think what they were like before I arrived.

Roman: I hear you are working with Little Jacob. He's a good man, Niko, a good man.

Niko: I can't tell what he is saying most of the time, but I like him.

Roman: That is your bad English, Niko. Once you have been in America for longer you will understand him perfectly.

Niko: Sure I will, Roman. Later on.


(This call can be triggered after a friendship activity with Little Jacob)

Niko: Roman?

Roman: NB? What's up?

Niko: I don't know, this and that. I've been hanging out with Little Jacob.

Roman: You two are friends now? That is great. I thought you'd get along.

Niko: Is that because we're both violent criminals, cousin?

Roman: No, it's because you both get along with me. You're more than just a violent criminal to me, cousin. You're a human being. Speak to you soon.

No. 1

(This call can be triggered after a friendship activity with Brucie)

Roman: Niko, my cousin. Tell me I was right.

Niko: Right about what?

Roman: Right about Brucie. He's more than just a steroid fuelled maniac, he's a good guy. You've been hanging out with him.

Niko: Maybe you were right about him being fun to hang with but he's crazy. The 'roid rage has screwed up his head so I think I'll just be hangin' with him. No more work.

Roman: Okay, that's cool. Later on, NB.

The Holland Play

Killing Dwayne

Niko: Cousin, how are you?

Roman: All the better for hearing your voice, NB. You seem down. Are you okay?

Niko: Not really, I got caught up in an argument between a drug dealer and his drug dealing mentor. I had to choose who'd win the argument and I chose the young guy - Playboy X is his name. Now he's paid me off and is treating me like an asshole.

Roman: So he's treating you like a rich asshole. Who cares? Enjoy yourself. Spend the money on a clean hotel and a dirty college girl. Call me if you want to hang out afterwards, cousin.

Killing Playboy

Niko: Hey Roman.

Roman: Hello, Niko. How's it going, killed anyone recently?

Niko: Now that you mention it...

Roman: Shit NB, I was joking. Who was it this time.

Niko: This drug dealer, Playboy X. He tried to get me to get rid of a friend of his for him but, uh, I liked the friend better.

Roman: Niko, shit, I hope this guy is paying you good for saving his ass.

Niko: He just got out of prison and he hasn't got much but... I made the right decision.

Roman: Good, NB. I'll talk to you later on.

Have a Heart

Roman: That's my cousin, Niko.

Niko: Yes it is, Roman. You're right.

Roman: So, what's happening in your world at the moment? Met anybody interesting recently?

Niko: Other than the community leader and drug dealer that Mallorie introduced me to.. neither of whom are doing too good no more, yeah, I guess I have met some interesting people.

Roman: Please tell me you are talking about twins and bleached blond hair and D-cup titties. You're a wile man, NB.

Niko: I'm afraid I haven't meet these women of your dreams, Roman. No, I referring to a Deputy Police Commissioner called Francis McReary, an Irish hood called Packie, an African American drug dealer who calls himself Playboy X, some outlaw bike guy named Johnny, and a doctor who buys dead bodies so he can sell the organs. If you're losing money at the tables you might be able to sell some body parts to him for a quick buck.

Roman: How much does a kidney go for nowadays? I'm kidding, NB, kidding. Sounds like you are having a crazy time. Talk to you soon.

Three Leaf Clover

Niko: Roman, how's it going?

Roman: Have you seen this bank heist on the news, NB? That's some crazy shit. I bet you wish you'd pulled off a job like that..

Niko: Who says I didn't.

Roman: You're shitting me, NB. No fucking way! Who'd you do it with?

Niko: This fucked up Irish family, well some of them. There are four brothers: two are gangsters, one's a cop and the other is a heroin addict ex-freedom fighter. Then there's a sister..

Roman: A sister? That sounds more my speed than these crazy brothers. I can tell from your voice that you like her, Cousin. Are you two doing it?

Niko: I've got to go, Roman. I'll talk to you soon.

Museum Piece

Roman: Niko, there you are, Tell me what's happening in the exciting world of the gun for a hire? Who's paying the bills at the moment?

Niko: At the moment, it's the Mafia.

Roman: Shit, Niko, you're involved with one of the five families?

Niko: Not quite. I'm working for a family out of Alderney called the Pegorinos. This guy called Ray Boccino has had me working with this guy from the Lost biker gang called Johnny. Running around after these diamonds he stole. It's been a fucking hassle and all for nothing.

Roman: The Lost? Those guys are meant to be really dangerous, cousin. I heard there was a war or something on between the Lost and the Angels of Death. You don't want to get caught up in that shit. Take your cut of the diamonds and get out of there.

Niko: There is no cut of the diamonds, the ice got jacked when we tried to sell them. This Dominican looking guy shot the place up.

Roman: My heart goes out to you, cousin. I'll talk to you soon.

I'll Take Her

Roman: Cousin, how it's going?

Niko: Roman, can I ask you a question?

Roman: I thought this time would come, Niko, but, to be honest, I don't know how I'm so successful with the ladies. They just love me.

Niko: That wasn't what I wanted to ask you, I wanted to know what it was like to be kidnapped. Were you an asshole to the people who took you or did you behave yourself?

Roman: I did everything they said except for give you up, cousin. I was scared shitless.

Niko: That's what I thought. I've had to kidnap this girl and she's a fucking nightmare.

Roman: Shame on you, Niko Bellic. You should know better than this. Who is she? Who'd you take her for?

Niko: I'm working with that Irish family. She's some mobster's daughter - Gracie Ancelotti.

Roman: Niko, shit. You're fucking with the mob. The Ancelottis are one of the Five old families. I don't know nothing about this. Give her back as soon as you can. I've got to go, Niko.

Truck Hustle

Roman: Hello there. Behaving yourself are you, NB?

Niko: Always, Roman. As much as I can at least when I'm doing the bidding of these Alderney gangsters.

Roman: What're they like, NB? The gangsters?

Niko: I've been working for this guy, Phil Bell, at the moment. He's better than Ray Boccino. Paranoid about wire taps and helicopters but he seems legitimate.

Roman: He should be paranoid. The Feds are after organized crime in a big way. Stay disorganized would be my advice, Niko. Don't let them get you for racketeering.

Niko: I need to work with these guys. Hopefully they'll be able to find Darko Brevic for me. I can't think who else would. Speak to you soon, cousin.

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

Niko: Hey Roman. You ever wonder if things are just coincidence or if everything is all planned?

Roman: You mean like when you sleep with two girls on one night and they turn out to be mother and daughter?

Niko: I mean like this Dominican looking guy shot up a deal I was trying to make. Then, I've kidnapped this girl and we're handing her over for these same diamonds and this Dominican looking guy is there again.

Roman: So, he steals the diamonds at the deal and then has to give them back for the girl. What's the big deal? It's not as much of a coincidence as the mother and daughter.

Niko: Thanks, for putting things in perspective, Roman. Later on.

Pegorino's Pride

Roman: Niko, my cousin. Give me some tales of the Liberty City underworld. I'm curious.

Niko: Maybe, if you give me tales of a womanizing, gambling addict.

Roman: That's a low blow, NB. Seriously what're you up to at the moment.

Niko: I've been working for Jimmy Pegorino, the head of that Alderney guido family.

Roman: Yeah, the head of the family. Is he a big time gangster like in the movies then?

Niko: Wants to be. Keeps talking about being powerful, about getting on the Commission with the five big families. I just hope he's got enough power to be able to find Darko Brevic for me.

Roman: I hope you will be able to relax when you do finally find him, Niko. Speak soon.


Niko: Roman ,how are you?

Roman: Fantastic cousin. Mallorie is going to make me the happiest groom on earth. How are you?

Niko: Good, I feel like I am getting close. I have been working for Jon Gravelli.

Roman: Jon Gravelli? The head of the Gambetti crime family. Shit, Niko. This man is very dangerous.

Niko: This man is nearly dead, cousin. He knows the government agent that Michelle formed me to work for. They say they will give me Darko. You don't know how long I have waited for this, Roman. It is nearly over.

Roman: Don't get ahead of yourself, Niko. Be careful around these men. Talk to you soon.

Pest Control

Niko: Roman, good to speak to you. I need to talk to a friend.

Roman: Why, what's wrong.

Niko: I think it's my conscience. I don't know

Roman: Your conscience? Have kill too many people, Niko?

Niko: Perhaps. That man who I worked for, Ray Boccino. I was asked to kill and him and I did. He was a cockroach - a pest. But I don't know how long I can keep dealing in death.

Roman: It must be difficult, Niko. Maybe there is another path to take. A less violent one. I'll speak to you seen, okay?