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The following is a complete list of clothing available from the Russian Shop in GTA IV.

List of clothing


Style Image Price
Down jacket in black RussianShop-GTAIV-downjacketinblack.jpg $26
Down jacket in brown RussianShop-GTAIV-downjacketinbrown.jpg $26
Down jacket in green RussianShop-GTAIV-downjacketingreen.jpg $26
Flight jacket in black RussianShop-GTAIV-flightjacketinblack.jpg $26
Flight jacket in gray RussianShop-GTAIV-flightjacketingray.jpg $26
Flight jacket in sand RussianShop-GTAIV-flightjacketinsand.jpg $26
Hinterland coat in brown RussianShop-GTAIV-Hinterlandcoatinbrown.jpg $36
Hinterland coat in navy RussianShop-GTAIV-Hinterlandcoatinnavy.jpg $36
Hinterland coat in sand RussianShop-GTAIV-Hinterlandcoatinsand.jpg $36
Leather jacket &
black track top
RussianShop-GTAIV-leatherjacket&blacktracktop.jpg $36
Leather jacket &
blue track top
RussianShop-GTAIV-leatherjacket&bluetracktop.jpg $36
Leather jacket &
cream track top
RussianShop-GTAIV-leatherjacket&creamtracktop.jpg $36
Spyde track top
in green
RussianShop-GTAIV-Spydetracktopingreen.jpg $24
Spyde track top
in maroon
RussianShop-GTAIV-Spydetracktopinmaroon.jpg $24
Spyde track top
in navy
RussianShop-GTAIV-Spydetracktopinnavy.jpg $24


Style Image Price
Fatigues in brown RussianShop-GTAIV-fatiguesinbrown.jpg $24
Fatigues in camo RussianShop-GTAIV-fatiguesincamo.jpg $24
Fatigues in green RussianShop-GTAIV-fatiguesingreen.jpg $24
Jeans RussianShop-GTAIV-jeans.jpg $24
Track pants in
black & white
RussianShop-GTAIV-trackpantsinblack&white.jpg $24
Track pants in
black & yellow
RussianShop-GTAIV-trackpantsinblack&yellow.jpg $24
Track pants in
navy & black
RussianShop-GTAIV-trackpantsinnavy&black.jpg $24
Track pants in
olive & black
RussianShop-GTAIV-trackpantsinolive&black.jpg $24


Style Image Price
Brown boots RussianShop-GTAIV-brownboots.jpg $14
Black boots RussianShop-GTAIV-blackboots.jpg $14
Hinterland boots RussianShop-GTAIV-Hinterlandboots.jpg $14
Hinterland boots dark RussianShop-GTAIV-Hinterlandbootsdark.jpg $14
Blue sneakers RussianShop-GTAIV-bluesneakers.jpg $12
Brown sneakers RussianShop-GTAIV-brownsneakers.jpg $12
Gray sneakers RussianShop-GTAIV-graysneakers.jpg $12


Style Image Price
Glasses RussianShop-GTAIV-glasses.jpg $12
Sunglasses RussianShop-GTAIV-sunglasses.jpg $12


Style Image Price
Army cap RussianShop-GTAIV-armycap.jpg $8
Winter hat RussianShop-GTAIV-winterhat.jpg $8