S Fiona Scott

S Fiona Scott is a reporter in Grand Theft Auto IV for the news website Public Liberty Online in 2008.

Online articles

The Death Throes of a Republic

Jingoism Act Expanded

Well, it's finally over. The King has won and Rome is burning. The conservatives have had their way and the constitution is in shambles. With the renewal of the Jingoism Act, EVERY SINGLE THING YOU DO will be monitored. There are 300 million people in America and a reported 300 million people will need to be hired to track the every movement of every American. These are scary times and I am so glad to be a liberal journalist who doesn't interject her personal feelings into stories. The blogosphere is the only thing that can save us from this tyranny.

Officials also said they are paying special attention to eastern Europeans. Great, more racial profiling.

Jingoism Act Passes

Canada looking better every day.

Great weed. Lumberjacks. A shitty military. Canada is beginning to look better every day for those of us who want to live a peaceful life composting our own shit, drinking fair trade coffee and preaching to everyone about the evils of plastic. With the passing of the US Jingoism Act, it is clear that many Americans are not welcome anymore. The founders of our country were noble men who, upon losing their teeth, did like George Washington and had new ones extracted from their slaves and implanted into their own. It's that kind of freedom that this country was founded on - freedom for some, tough luck for the rest. We're liberal, and it's our time to be on top next.

Hate Campaign Against Female Eunux User

A code of sexism?

A young woman in Alderney City, who installed the Eunux open-source operating system on her home computer, has become the victim of an evil hate campaign. The Eunux community has taken the girl's attempts to infiltrate their little white boys' club as a personal attack on their inadequate masculinity and has thrown all their joint efforts into publicly bashing her on blogs and newsgroups. What gives a bunch of losers who spend their Saturday nights recompiling a kernel, fantasizing about sleeping with their mother and shuddering if a female brushes past them on the subway the right to take out their fear of women and lack of social skills on a 13-year-old girl? Are they afraid that she will disturb their circle jerk session? Since when was a penis a prerequisite for computer programming?

The worst part is that these young misogynists will soon be running the high-tech companies that continue to pay women 95% less than their male counterparts. The disgusting treatment of this poor girl at the hands of a group of pimple-faced teenagers who will never get laid is a microcosm of the phallocentric society in which American women are condemned to live. It is high time that Eunux woke up to the fact that a woman's interest in technology runs further than finding a cell phone that matches her shoes. You go girl. Fuck the patriarchy.