Shifting Weight/Walkthrough

The following is a walkthrough for the mission Shifting Weight in The Lost and Damned.

Johnny is on the back of Malc's bike for the remaining part of the mission; all you have to do is shoot an endless amounts of cops with the Assault Shotgun. Fortunately, the Assault shotgun has unlimited ammo, so there's no need to reload. It would be wise to have body armour for this mission.

Around halfway into the chase a helicopter appears. MAKE SURE you kill the guys shooting from the side of it to make sure it is no longer a threat. Near the end of the mission you become trapped in the Grotti car dealership. To escape quickly, shoot the window to get out (if you don't Malc will eventually drive through the window anyway). The final part is a straight chase under the highway bridge with a total of 3 cop cars following you there. The final cop car hits the side of the post and one officer comes flying out of the windshield cinematic style.

Johnny gets off of Malc's bike, giving them the drugs and bids farewell to them. Johnny then calls Elizabeta saying the deal went bad and Elizabeta says to stay away from her, as the heat is closing in.