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Before getting into an "edit war", specially with a staff member, let me bring the problem here.

The article currently says "Espantoso", in spanish, translates to "Horrible" in english. Before my last edit, it claimed the traslation was "Terrible".

Well, I actually SPEAK the languange, instead of using Google translator like some of you apparently are, and I KNOW it translates to "Amazing". This is not debatable.

The problem is context. In spanish, if you feel amazed by something horrible, terrible, etc, you can in fact use the term "Espantoso", but as a radio title there's no logic in that.

Unless you hate latin people/music and that's the reason you want to call it "terrible" or "horrible", then please, be so kind as to revert back to the correct translation.

Thank you. --Raven (talk)

Thank you for discussing it here. Could you please give a better explanation of the true meaning of the word, so we can explain this in the article? Does it cover both good and bad types of awesome, or does it specifically mean "amazingly horrible"? What do you think Rockstar meant when they picked that name? gboyers talk 18:19, 23 November 2011 (UTC)
Googling the word "espantoso" brings up a lot of pages, all of which claim it means "dreadful, frightening, frightful, appalling, hideous, shocking, terrifying, scary, gruesome, dread, amazing, scarey, stark, nerve-racking" (which is the list that Google Translate comes up with by the way). I'm learning Spanish in school so I'm curious about this, can you show me anywhere where it says it means anything else? Also, knowing Rockstar I think it's very probable that they knew what they were doing when they named the station.
On another note, please sign your comments --Andreaz1 (talk) 19:03, 23 November 2011 (UTC)
I'm portuguese. If you have access to my IP, you can confirm my location, and Spain is right "next door" so I know the languange well.
"Espantoso", by itself, means just that... "Amazing". It refers to the sense of shock by seeing something either incredibly good or incredibly bad, which depends on context.
A negative context might be: "Felipe tuvo un accidente espantoso en Hungría en 2009 cuando..." which translates to "Felipe had an amazing accident in Hungary in 2009 when..." ( )
A positive context might be: "el argentino Messi es '…el mejor…' del mundo porque ha mostrado '…una regularidad espantosa…' en los últimos 20 meses" which translates to "the argentinian Messi is '...the best...' in the world because has shown ' amazing regularity...' in the last 20 months" ( )
I believe Rockstar meant to pick a name that capitalizes on the Latin stereotype of everything being "over the top". Bad things are mostly amazingly bad (horrible, terrible, etc) and good things are amazingly good (awesome, great, etc). DJ Pepe's dialog shows this by how lively he is about everthing (even if you can't understand him, you can tell), and how he loves his listeners so much that it's as if they're family.
Hope that clears it up.Raven (talk) 19:06, 23 November 2011 (UTC)
The Spanish translation may be different from the Portuguese translation. According to, espantoso in Spanish has negative meanings, while espantoso in Portuguese has both negative and positive meanings. This is similar to Google Translate. The same word in Spanish means frightening and in Portuguese means astonishing.--spaceeinstein 01:29, 24 November 2011 (UTC)