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This template is used for showing the short-length game name for any game.

For example, inputting 'sa' or 'san andreas' would produce the output: GTA San Andreas

If you want a different game name format, you can instead use {{id}}, {{long}} or {{condensed}}. Those templates actually use this template to figure out which game is being requested.


There is 1 parameter. You can input virtually ANY variation on a game name, whether long or short form, or any other incorrect form.

It will output the short-length game name, such as: GTA III, GTA San Andreas

To request the short game name for the input "Three" just use:

{{game | Three}}

This will then work out that you mean GTA III and output the correct long name of: GTA III

If you're using this in a template, you need to pass the inputted parameter, whether numbered as {{{1}}} or named like {{{game}}}

{{game | {{{game}}} }}

And to add links, use this around the template:

[[{{game | {{{game}}} }}]]

For multiple games, use this template multiple times. This will NOT work if you try to pass two game names into this template (like {{game |gta 1, gta2}} or {{game | gta 1 | gta 2}}). You need to use the template twice like {{game | gta 1}}, {{game| gta 2}})

If the variable is not found (like "gta mexico") then it will simply return whatever you put in: "gta mexico"