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Hello! I am bananasims from Hong Kong, China. I speak cantonese (native), putonghua, english (secondary) and french. Despite english is my secondary language, my english is really poor. Please correct my grammatical error wisely.

I am interested in urban planning. That's why I love Grand Theft Auto 3D Series as it provides an environment which inspires me aspects about urban planning. My favorite cities are Liberty City in both eras as they are very real, and are very creative.

My Gamertag is bananasims. For multiplayer games, I love cooperation. Therefore, my favourite gaming mode are 2-team Team Deathmatch (as I feel having a war!) and Club Business in TLAD. You are welcome to add me as a friend.

I am looking forward to see a GTA IV era Vice City as the GTA III era one is really a ...... unrealistic city.

In this Wikia, I usually edit articles about the transportation (roads, subways) and locations. Feel free to discuss with me.