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GTA: Saudia Arabia Stories is the first and only game in the series with a protagonist/playable character with no intention of harming others. It was released by Rockstar in 2035, as the 46th game in the

series. Rockstar had released it in desperation for money as none of the games were selling, likely because each time somebody beat a GTA game, approximately 2.56 new games would be released. The

game was playable on several platforms and was the only game to give no information about the protagonist except his religion. PC, Hologame 2000, Xbox 3456, PS9, iCouch, iTV, iplaygame, and iPad

v. 75.68.901, would all be platforms for which the game was playable. It was delayed nine times because Rockstar workers were "intoxicated and so their plot was........not perfect, to say the least." It will

feature a camel and car system, and the player can "jack" both of these. However, the button used will make your character ask for a ride on the camel or car, and even pay. To hail a car/camel or taxi/yellow

camel, there will be a different button. Your character can wield weapons, but not use them, or punch. In-game features include getting a job and eating to refill "that tiny oval in the top-right corner of the

screen; health bar, was it? I forget." -Rockstar worker

"You didn't forget, you're too drunk off your ass!" -said worker's drunk friend, three minutes before he was charged with lewd conduct

"YOU'RE an ass!" -If you don't get it by now, screw you.

The graphics are beautiful, but who looks for games based on their graphics? For the hologame, a player may choose to

Well, that's just it. Rockstar has no more information on it. I wonder why.