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There are many mysteries in GTA SA. Some are real. Some are fake, and some are unsolvable.

Bigfoot. There are many rumors and reports of Bigfoot in the game. Reports say that he roams the area Back O beyond. I have seen many videos where people have seen him but they are mods. I have searched Back O beyond a lot and found nothing. I have waited and waited but nothing happens. I even found the mod to download on the Internet. He doesn’t exist and neither does the yeti.


There are also many reports of aliens and UFO’s being in the game. The two reports I have seen is a picture of a UFO in the sky in the desert. It is fake because it looks different from everything else in the game. The second was a video I found of someone who had seen an alien up at an old barn on a hill in Red County. I went there and waited there but nothing happened. After seeing the video again I noticed the alien looked different from everything else which means it’s a mod. Check out the “Lil Probe Inn” In the Terra Robada area of sanadreas. There are no aliens but there are pictures all over the wall and in the back room there is a map of Sanadreas with spots on it in different places??????????????????

Mass Grave. This one does exist it’s in the desert somewhere I forgot the location but in time I will find it and put it up here. Anyway you come up to a whole and find a bunch of body bags. They don’t do anything but it’s cool. There is also an old truck by the hole. Some people say the bodies are connected to a serial killer who lives in the desert. He is dressed in a black coat and a black cowboy hat. I still have to find him.

The Panopticon.

The Panopticon is an old loggers camp located in the red county, /Whetstone area around Los Santos. It’s on the map. There is blood on the floors of the cabins and supposedly a killer in one of the cabins who is there on foggy nights. I have gone there and waited around for a long time and searched every cabin and found no killer. The Panoptican killer is not real. I will say though that the blood on the floor is weird.

The Farm.

Also located in the Red County/Whetstone area is the farm, which is the setting of a mission in the game called Body Harvest. What’s interesting is at night the windows glow blue. Which is the color of the Elepsin cult. I later found out that the farm is the meeting place of the cult. On the map ii is a big brown square.

Vinewood Glitch.

This is one of the many glitches in the game where you can fall through the course. In order to get to it go to the house you can buy in Vinewood. The one up on the hill. Go around to the pool area. Move along the wall until you come to the corner. You walk through it and fall through. You basically fall in place and then land on the road right by the Vinewood Sign unharmed. If you go through it on a moter cycle you will glitch off it and you will never see it again. If you go through it with a jet pack you can travel around underneath the course. That’s how I got into Area 69. --Drew powell 23:07, 28 June 2009 (UTC)