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The Games Layout Guide is a guideline for creating and formatting main game pages, to help ensure consistency within the wiki.

At the moment, Grand Theft Auto IV fully meets these guidelines, and is a good reference for other game pages.


The infobox for a game should be created on a "/infobox" sub-page. See Grand Theft Auto IV/infobox for a good example.

The infobox is a good way to display essential information about the game in an easy-to-read table format. It should include:

  • An image of the cover of the game
  • Developer name(s)
  • Publisher name
  • Release date(s) (or proposed release date)
  • Platform(s)
  • Protagonist(s)
  • Location(s)
  • Setting (time-frame)
  • Any other important information about the game (Engine, etc.)


The introduction is the opening two paragraphs, and should be written in proper sentence-form grammar. The first paragraph should first explain the game's position in the chronological releases of the GTA games (ninth, tenth, etc.). It should then, in sentence form, explain the information provided in the infobox. The second paragraph should very briefly explain the game's storyline.

Game Information Links

Game information should be provided in the form of a list of links to the appropriate pages. Missions, Characters, Vehicles, Weapons, etc. should all be linked to from the game page, as well as any other relevant pages. Information about sales, features, etc. may be placed on a sub-page of the game's article, and linked to from the Game Information list of links.

Navigation Templates

Near the bottom of the page, first the game's template (i.e. {{gtaiv}}) should be used to provide relevant links to the game's subjects. Below that, the {{GTA}} template should be placed to provide links to potentially useful pages.


At the bottom of the page, two categories should be added; the first is the game's category (i.e. [[Category:GTA IV]]), the second is the games category ([[Category:Games]]).