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Hi, thanks for your interest in becoming an Administrator. Our admins are experienced users who know this wiki inside-out. They deal with any conflicts and generally make sure the wiki runs smoothly. You don't actually need to be an administrator to do 90% of things on this wiki - any user can edit almost any page, add pictures, undo vandalism, make and use categories, make and use templates, rename/move pages and even mark pages for deletion. The only extra things that staff can do are delete pages and ban users, so it's not useful unless you are already an active user here. It's very important that our staff understand everything about this wiki, so that they can make an educated decision, which is why you would need to be on this wiki for a lot longer before you could become staff. If you really want to become staff, I suggest you edit pages all across this wiki, and help out with some tasks to show you're a useful asset to us here. There is so much on this wiki for you to do, so get stuck in :) Gboyers talk 14:43, August 22, 2010 (UTC)