[[File:Buccaneer-GTASA-front.jpg|thumb|right|300px|A Buccaneer in GTA San Andreas ([[:Image:Buccaneer-GTASA-rear.jpg|Rear quarter view]]).]] The '''Buccaneer''' is a 2-door coupé in [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]], [[Grand Theft Auto IV]] (where it is misspelled "'''Bucanneer'''") and [[Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars]]. == Description == === GTA San Andreas === The Buccaneer is based on a [[wp:Chevrolet Monte Carlo#First generation|1970-1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo]] (probably the 1972 model, as it doesn't have turning signals on the bumper). Its design resembles that of the [[Picador]], as both cars take inspiration from vehicles built upon the [[wp:Chevrolet Chevelle|Chevelle]] platform. The Picador slightly outperforms the Buccaneer in acceleration and handling, but the Buccaneer has a higher top speed. Despite its lowrider-like appearance, it can only be modified at [[TransFenders|TransFender]]. The Buccaneer, along with the [[Tampa]] and the [[Manana]], is a gang car of the [[Da Nang Boys]]. It can only be found in the [[Easter Basin]] and [[Garver Bridge]] region in [[San Fierro]], along with the [[Tampa]]. === GTA IV — GTA Chinatown Wars === The [[Albany]] "Bucanneer" in GTA IV still broadly draws inspiration from the 1970-1972 Monte Carlo (but it has lost much of its fastback profile and has exaggerated proportions), but is also influenced by other vehicles — the front end looks closer to that of the [[wp:Chevrolet Caprice#1971-76|1974 Chevrolet Caprice]] and even more so 1974 Cadillacs because of the hood ornament. The Bucanneer is a fairly heavy car, needing a V8 to lug around its portly weight, however its cornering is acceptable at low speeds. Its top speed is about 145 km/h (90 mph). The name "Bucanneer", seen when the player enters the vehicle, is clearly a typographical error — the name is spelled correctly on the rear of the car, in [[Stevie]]'s text message requesting the car, and within game files. The GTA Chinatown Wars rendition retains the Monte Carlo influences, leaning more towards the design of the GTA San Andreas rendition, although it is far shorter than both its previous renditions. Its wide headlights echo the double headlights of the GTA IV rendition. {| align="center" | Image:Bucanneer-GTA4-front.jpg|A "Bucanneer" in GTA IV ([[:Image:Bucanneer-GTA4-rear.jpg|Rear quarter view]]; [[:Image:Bucanneer-GTA4-engine.png|engine]]). File:BuccaneerEngineIV.png|The engine of the Buccaneer in GTA IV. Image:Buccaneer-GTACW.png|A Buccaneer in GTA Chinatown Wars. |} == Variant == [[Image:Bucanneer-GTA4-Stevie-front.jpg|thumb|275px|right|The requested Bucanneer in [[Stevie's Car Thefts]] in GTA IV.]] In GTA IV, a Bucanneer is requested as part of [[Stevie's Car Thefts]], with a uniquely candy maroon and black body color. As a new Bucanneer will respawn at the same spot until the player delivers one to [[S&M Auto Sales]], the player can save one at their safehouse before delivering another. == Trivia== * Upon completion of [[Stevie's Car Thefts]] in GTA IV, the Bucanneer may be sold at his garage for $1,800. * In Grand Theft Auto IV, the Bucanneer appears with single headlights in a body shop business sign. *In GTA IV, the Buccaneer shares engine and horn sounds with [[Virgo]]. * The Buccaneer plays the following radio stations by default when entered: ** [[Playback FM]] in GTA San Andreas. ** [[Vladivostok FM]] in GTA IV. *The Buccaneer is the first vehicle available to the player in GTA Chinatown Wars. *Due to the low height of its driver's seat, CJ will kick the car's occupant when stealing the car in GTA San Andreas. *In Grand Theft Auto IV, the steering wheel bears a [[Declasse]] emblem. == Locations == '''GTA IV''' *Sometimes spawn in [[Beachgate]], [[Firefly Island]] and [[Hove Beach]] ([[Broker]]). *Rarely spawn in [[Boulevard]], [[Fortside]], [[Bohan Industrial]], [[Little Bay]], [[Northern Gardens]] and [[South Bohan]] ([[Bohan]]). *Very rarely spawn in [[North Holland]], [[Northwood]], [[Star Junction]], [[Presidents City]] ([[Algonquin]]), [[Schottler]] and [[Beechwood City]] (Broker). {{Navboxes |title= Navigation |list1= {{vehicles|state=collapsed}} {{gtasa vehicles|state=collapsed}} {{gtaiv vehicles|state=collapsed}} {{gtacw vehicles|state=collapsed}} }} [[de:Buccaneer]] [[es:Buccaneer]] [[pl:Buccaneer]] [[Category:Vehicles]] [[Category:Vehicles in GTA San Andreas]] [[Category:Vehicles in GTA IV]] [[Category:Vehicles in GTA Chinatown Wars]] [[Category:2-Door Sedans and Coupes]] [[Category:Gang Cars]]

A Volatile Situation

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A Volatile Situation
Joseph Daniel O'Toole telling Toni Cipriani of Sindacco Family plans to destroy the Leone Family run casino in Saint Mark's.

Joseph Daniel O'Toole telling Toni Cipriani of Sindacco Family plans to destroy the Leone Family run casino in Saint Mark's.
Game GTA Liberty City Stories
For Joseph Daniel O'Toole
Target Protect a Leone Family-run casino from being destroyed.
Location Red Light District, Portland, Liberty City
Fail Death of Toni Cipriani
Arrest of Toni Cipriani (albeit without a wanted level)
Destruction of the Leone casino
Reward $1,000
Unlocks Blow Up 'Dolls'
Unlocked by Don in 60 Seconds

A Volatile Situation is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories that is given to protagonist Toni Cipriani by Joseph Daniel O'Toole from his bar in the Red Light District of Portland, Liberty City.


Toni goes to Paulie's Revue Bar looking for more work from O'Toole, who is entertaining some 'special' clients. He warns Toni about the safety of the Leone Family controlled casino in Saint Mark's. Toni leaves and drives at the casino, where he receives a phone call from O'Toole. O'Toole warns him of Sindacco Family plans to destroy the casino.

A group of Sindacco Family gang members arrive in a Sindacco Argento, with one of the gang members attempting to lay a bomb outside of the casino. Toni kills and stops the gang members, but is met by a second wave, who also arrive in another Sindacco Argento but wield Mac 10s. Toni once again kills and stops the Sindacco family gang members. A third group in a Patriot arrive with Micro SMG's in hand, but Toni again manages to fend them off.

After killing all three groups, the Sindaccos decide to unleash their biggest weapon: a large Yankee packed with explosives. The player may choose to either pursue and destroy the truck before it reaches its destination (thereby passing the mission), or wait for the truck to stop outside the casino with the bomb armed, at which point the player will be required to drive the truck away from the casino, but can only to so at a very low speed, as the driver had crippled the truck to remain in a low gear. Toni drives the truck to a safe distance and then exits the truck and runs away. The truck explodes and the mission ends.


Joseph Daniel O'Toole: Hey Toni, I can't come out right now, I'm busy... you know?

Toni Cipriani: Why? What's going on in there? ...and what the hell is that smell?

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: Look, Toni, we're catering for some real ah... specialists today. This stuff is internet gold-dust! What you should be concerning yourself with is that Leone gambling house, up in Saint Mark's. The Sindaccos are going nuts about it. I heard they're gonna blow the place off the map.

(Toni drives to the Leone family casino in Saint Marks and receives a phone call from JD O'Toole)

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: Toni? It's JD. Look, I just heard there's a bunch of Sindacco goons coming your way. And they're packing, big-time! Watch yourself!

Toni Cipriani: Thanks JD! Appreciate it.


The reward for completing the mission is $1,000. The mission Blow Up 'Dolls' for Joseph Daniel O'Toole is unlocked after completing the mission.


  • While the bomb is armed, if you take it and place it near the light pole, the pole will be permanently destroyed afterwards.
  • This is one of only three missions where players do not gain a wanted level, the others being Home Sweet Home and No Son of Mine.
  • Pre-release information revealed that this mission's original name was Casino Rumble.


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