[[Image:Faggio (GTAVC) (front).jpg|thumb|right|200px|The Faggio, as depicted in [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City|GTA: Vice City]].]] The '''Faggio''' is a scooter based on the ''[[wp:Piaggio|Piaggio]]'' range, found in [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City]], [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]], [[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories]], [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories]], and [[Grand Theft Auto IV]]. == Description == The slowest motorcycle in each of the five games the vehicle appears in, the Faggio's appearance remained virtually unchanged throughout the [[GTA III era]], being based off a [[wp:Vespa|Piaggio Vespa]], apart from one of its brake lights being broken on the San Andreas model. In GTA IV, the Faggio took on the appearance of a Baccio DLX 50; it has a new engine sound, no longer has a single transmission number, and its handling has been greatly changed, yet it is still the slowest motorbike in all GTA eras. Using the Faggio is the easiest way to do long wheelies. == Variants == The [[Pizza Boy]] (or Pizzaboy) delivery scooter, featured in [[GTA Vice City]], [[GTA San Andreas]] and [[GTA Liberty City Stories]], is a modified Faggio with a back-mounted box installed to carry pizzas (or other goods), and painted in the livery of the vehicle's respective owners. Another delivery scooter, the [[NoodleBoy]] from GTA Liberty City Stories, has similar handling and speed to the Faggio, but has a different, more contemporary design. In GTA Vice City Stories, another delivery moped looking like the Faggio appears named [[Ventoso]]. GTA IV expansion [[The Ballad of Gay Tony]] apparently contains a new Faggio variant. == Locations == '''GTA Vice City''' *By a skip, a block away from safe houses in [[Vice Point]], [[Vice City in GTA III Era|Vice City]] *The alley next to [[Ken Rosenberg|Ken Rosenberg's]] [[K. Rosenberg & Co.|office]] in [[Ocean Beach]], Vice City. '''GTA San Andreas''' *[[Santa Maria Beach]], [[Los Santos]] *Near [[Burger Shot]] in [[Redsands East]], [[Las Venturas]] (starts [[Courier Missions in GTA San Andreas|courier mission]]) '''GTA Liberty City Stories''' *Outside the [[FIDL]] supermarket in [[Portland View]], [[Portland Island]] *[[AMCo. Petroleum Company]] in [[Trenton]], Portland Island *In an alley in [[Chinatown, Liberty City|Chinatown]] with steps bringing you to the roof, Portland Island (Starts [[Scooter Shooter]]) *Near [[Asuka Kasen|Asuka Kasen's]] [[Asuka Kasen's Condo|Condo]] in [[Newport]], [[Staunton Island]] *Near the [[Liberty City Community College]] at [[Liberty Campus]], Staunton Island '''GTA Vice City Stories''' *[[The Well Stacked Pizza Co.]] in Vice Point, Vice City '''GTA IV''' *On [[Happiness Island]], towards the south end of the island. *On Quartz Street, [[Middle Park]]. *Often spawns around [[Alderney City]] and [[Normandy]], [[Alderney]]. == Trivia== * In GTA IV, the two default radio stations in the Faggio are [[Jazz Nation Radio 108.5]] and [[Fusion FM]]. * "Faggio" is Italian for "[[wikt:beech|beech]]", however the name is presumably a play on the "[[wikt:effeminate|effeminacy]]" of the scooter in comparison to other bikes (and indeed, most vehicles). == Gallery ==

Image:Faggio.jpg|[[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas|GTA: San Andreas]] rendition. Image:Faggio LCS.jpg|[[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories]] rendition. Image:Faggio VCS.jpg|[[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories]] rendition. Image:Faggio (GTA4) (front).jpg|[[Grand Theft Auto IV]] rendition. Image:Faggio_TBOGT_Trailer.png|[[The Ballad of Gay Tony]] rendition.
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Big Rumble in Little China

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Big Rumble in Little China
Toni Cipriani being told by his mother that he is scared of the Triads.

Toni Cipriani being told by his mother that he is scared of the Triads.
Game GTA Liberty City Stories
For Ma Cipriani
Target Triads
Location Saint Mark's, Portland, Liberty City
Fail Death of Toni Cipriani
Arrest of Toni Cipriani
Reward None.
Unlocks Grease Sucho
Unlocked by Snappy Dresser

Big Rumble in Little China is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories given to protagonist Toni Cipriani by his mother from her restaurant in Saint Mark's, Portland, Liberty City.


Toni goes around to see his mother at her restaurant, but is once again verbally attacked. She accuses him of being scared of the Triads and claiming that he is no son of hers. Toni decides to prove her wrong by killing two groups of Triads.

The first group is in a bulletproof Triad Fish Van containing a Triad leader (name unknown), which Toni rams with a vehicle while the Fish Van constantly drops boxes from the back in order to slow Toni down. Eventually, the Fish Van catches fire and explodes. Toni then kills the remaining Triads who had not been killed by the explosion, by either running them over or using a weapon. The second group is located at the Chinatown plaza, with Toni killing all the gang members there.


Toni Cipriani: Ma!... Ma!... come on Ma... speak to me.

Ma Cipriani: There's no 'Ma' here for you no more, you coward! You can't fool me... I know why you don't move back in here. You're running scared of some Triads! Your father, God rest his soul, wouldn't let no one run him out of his own home.

Toni Cipriani: But Ma!

Ma Cipriani: Unlike you, your father wasn't yellow! Until the Triads show you some respect, you're no son of mine! A daughter maybe, but not a son.

(Toni then drives to Chinatown and kills some Triads).

Toni Cipriani: This is Toni Cipriani kicking your asses! Remember that name fish heads!


There is no monetary reward for completing the mission other than the money that the Triads drop after dying. However, the mission Grease Sucho is unlocked.


  • The name of the mission is a take on the film Big Trouble in Little China.


Video walkthrough

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