[[Image:Faggio (GTAVC) (front).jpg|thumb|right|200px|The Faggio, as depicted in [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City|GTA: Vice City]].]] The '''Faggio''' is a scooter based on the ''[[wp:Piaggio|Piaggio]]'' range, found in [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City]], [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]], [[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories]], [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories]], and [[Grand Theft Auto IV]]. == Description == The slowest motorcycle in each of the five games the vehicle appears in, the Faggio's appearance remained virtually unchanged throughout the [[GTA III era]], being based off a [[wp:Vespa|Piaggio Vespa]], apart from one of its brake lights being broken on the San Andreas model. In GTA IV, the Faggio took on the appearance of a Baccio DLX 50; it has a new engine sound, no longer has a single transmission number, and its handling has been greatly changed, yet it is still the slowest motorbike in all GTA eras. Using the Faggio is the easiest way to do long wheelies. == Variants == The [[Pizza Boy]] (or Pizzaboy) delivery scooter, featured in [[GTA Vice City]], [[GTA San Andreas]] and [[GTA Liberty City Stories]], is a modified Faggio with a back-mounted box installed to carry pizzas (or other goods), and painted in the livery of the vehicle's respective owners. Another delivery scooter, the [[NoodleBoy]] from GTA Liberty City Stories, has similar handling and speed to the Faggio, but has a different, more contemporary design. In GTA Vice City Stories, another delivery moped looking like the Faggio appears named [[Ventoso]]. GTA IV expansion [[The Ballad of Gay Tony]] apparently contains a new Faggio variant. == Locations == '''GTA Vice City''' *By a skip, a block away from safe houses in [[Vice Point]], [[Vice City in GTA III Era|Vice City]] *The alley next to [[Ken Rosenberg|Ken Rosenberg's]] [[K. Rosenberg & Co.|office]] in [[Ocean Beach]], Vice City. '''GTA San Andreas''' *[[Santa Maria Beach]], [[Los Santos]] *Near [[Burger Shot]] in [[Redsands East]], [[Las Venturas]] (starts [[Courier Missions in GTA San Andreas|courier mission]]) '''GTA Liberty City Stories''' *Outside the [[FIDL]] supermarket in [[Portland View]], [[Portland Island]] *[[AMCo. Petroleum Company]] in [[Trenton]], Portland Island *In an alley in [[Chinatown, Liberty City|Chinatown]] with steps bringing you to the roof, Portland Island (Starts [[Scooter Shooter]]) *Near [[Asuka Kasen|Asuka Kasen's]] [[Asuka Kasen's Condo|Condo]] in [[Newport]], [[Staunton Island]] *Near the [[Liberty City Community College]] at [[Liberty Campus]], Staunton Island '''GTA Vice City Stories''' *[[The Well Stacked Pizza Co.]] in Vice Point, Vice City '''GTA IV''' *On [[Happiness Island]], towards the south end of the island. *On Quartz Street, [[Middle Park]]. *Often spawns around [[Alderney City]] and [[Normandy]], [[Alderney]]. == Trivia== * In GTA IV, the two default radio stations in the Faggio are [[Jazz Nation Radio 108.5]] and [[Fusion FM]]. * "Faggio" is Italian for "[[wikt:beech|beech]]", however the name is presumably a play on the "[[wikt:effeminate|effeminacy]]" of the scooter in comparison to other bikes (and indeed, most vehicles). == Gallery ==

Image:Faggio.jpg|[[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas|GTA: San Andreas]] rendition. Image:Faggio LCS.jpg|[[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories]] rendition. Image:Faggio VCS.jpg|[[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories]] rendition. Image:Faggio (GTA4) (front).jpg|[[Grand Theft Auto IV]] rendition. Image:Faggio_TBOGT_Trailer.png|[[The Ballad of Gay Tony]] rendition.
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Bleed Out/Script

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The following is a script of the mission "Bleed Out" in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Pre-mission phone calls

First Date not completed

Roman: Niko, Bledar has me cornered in the courts under the El Train on Firefly.

Niko: What does he want?

Roman: I can't think what he could possibly want or why he'd be pissed off, can you? Come on guys, let's be reasonable.

First Date completed

Roman: Shit, Niko. Bledar has me trapped again. This is all your fault.

Niko: Okay, Roman. I'm not going to let something else get in the way this time. Where are you?

Roman: Over on the courts under the El Train on Firefly. Bledar, buddy, you proved your point the first time...


(Niko goes to he basketball courts and sees Roman and the loan sharks)

Roman: Listen, Dardan is a good friend of mine. It was a misunderstanding... oh!

(Kalem kicks Roman in the stomach)

Niko: Hey!

Bledar: Shit, there he is. Keep on fatboy here, and I'll talk to him. Our problem's with your cousin.

Niko: I told you to stop. Now it's too late.


(Niko finds Roman being beat up by Bledar and Kalem)

Bledar: Back off.

Bledar: I won't take no shits.

Bledar: Motherfucker.

Bledar: Piece of crap

Bledar: Screw you.

(Niko beats Bledar and fights Kalem)

Kalem: This beating is for Dardan.

Kalem: You're not going to beat me down, fool.

Kalem: Screw you, asshole.

Kalem: Dardan is my brother.

Kalem: I do not go down so easy.

Kalem: Fuck you, bitch fuck.

Kalem: You are a bitch just like your cousin.

Roman: Not so tough no more, are you?

Roman: You shouldn't have messed with the Bellics.

Roman: If I wasn't a pacifist I'd stick it to you too.

Roman: There's what I owe plus interest.

Roman: This is what we think of you debts.

(Niko beats Kalem up and helps Roman)

Niko: You alright, cousin?

Roman: Yeah, fine. Fucking loan sharks, man. If one more of these gangsters tries to... Speaking of shitheads, here's Dardan. Come on, my car is over there, let's get him. You drive. I don't feel so good.

(Niko and Roman get in the car and chase Dardan)

Roman: These guys think that they're better than me. They think they can fuck me around and beat me up because there are more of them. Not any longer. Me and you, Niko, me and you are going to show them. Fucking Dardan smashing my fucking stuff. Who does he think he is? Just some fucking petty Albanian hood. If I wanted to buy a stolen TV I'd go to Dardan. Who does he think he's fucking with? Bellic Enterprises, that's who. We're going to the top, Niko, the top.

Niko: For now, let's just try to survive, cousin.

(Dardan stops and Niko chases him)

Roman: Dardan is stopping, he trying to get away on foot.

(Niko fights Dardan)

Dardan: Motherfucker, stay away.

Dardan: Your cousins owes us money, shithead.

Dardan: Stay the fuck away from me.

Dardan: You broke my arm already, man.

(Niko beats up Dardan)

Niko: You shouldn't play with sharp objects, Dardan.

(Niko pushes Dardan out of the window)

Niko: Ahhhhhhhh! I promised myself I wouldn't kill people here.

(Niko kills Dardan)

Niko: There's what we owed you, Dardan. Nothing else.

(Niko goes back to Roman)

Niko: Dardan ain't a problem for you no more, cousin.

Roman: Nice one, cousin. Drive me to the depot, these bruises are starting to pain.


Roman: Will you drive me back to the office, cousin? Argh.

Niko: These men, these shylocks like Dardan, they always try to squeeze you for everything. A man in Europe, another Russian... Bulgarin. He live on the Adriatic. Believed I owed him money when I did not. He made my life impossible. There was no avoiding him.

Roman: Did you deal with him like you did Dardan and Bledar?

Niko: He had too many connections for that. I had to leave. He is one of the reasons I came here.

Roman: And to see your cousin, of course.

Niko: Of course.

Roman: We will have no more problems from now on, cousin. It is all plain sailing straight to the top for you and me.

Niko: We will see if things are that simple.

(Niko drops Roman off at the depot)

Roman: Thank you, cousin, I'll see you later.

Alternative dialogue

(Niko and Roman get in the car and chase Dardan)

Roman: Ever since I get to Hove Beach, Niko, ever since I arrive here I have been pushed around. Vlad, Dardan, Bledar, even Mallorie push me around. Me and you, Niko, me and you going to be in control from now on. Ain't going to let no one push us around. Going to stand up to all these pimps and loan sharks from now on. Liberty City won't know what hit it, man. We going to own this town, Niko. Mark the words that are coming out of my mouth.

(Niko goes back to Roman)

Niko: Dardan ain't a problem for you no more, cousin.

Niko: What is it?

Roman: I think he broke my rib. Man that hurts. Shit. I need a massage. We should go out and find some ladies, get some massage oil.

Niko: What about Mallorie, Roman? You shouldn't stay with her if you want to have these threesomes.

Roman: It doesn't matter. Argh, I think I'm in too much pain anyway. Fuck.

Niko: You really are American. You don't even swear in our language.

Roman: You say this now, but soon even you will forget about the Old Country.

Niko: We shall see. I have reasons to remember it. I saw bad things happen there. You do not know what it is that...

Roman: Urghgh... I think it must be two ribs. Those fucking punks. What were you saying?

Niko: It doesn't matter.

Failing the mission

Dardan escapes

Roman: He's driving better than you with one arm. Come on, Niko.

Roman: Catch up to him, cousin, he's getting away.

Roman: Shit, we've got to catch up to him.

Roman: Don't let him get away, Niko, they are like locusts. A plague of them will come back.

Roman: You forgotten how to drive, cousin? He's losing us.

Roman: Don't let him shake you.

Roman: If Dardan gets away, man... come on.

Roman: Put your foot down, cousin, catch him.

Roman: He'll come back and trash our place if he gets away, get him, cousin.

Roman: You can't let him lose you, Niko, drive.

Roman: Shit, Dardan has got away. Motherfuck!

Roman: We got some of them, cousin. But not all. This is not a good thing.

Roman's car is destroyed/abandoned

Roman: Screw money I owe the Albanians, paying for the cab will be a lot harder. See you later, cousin.

(If it is destroyed after fighting Dardan)

Roman: My cab, Niko. The cab is fucked.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Roman: Dardan's left his car, he trying to get away on foot.

Roman: Go after him, finish him off. I would do it but I'm hurt, you know? Urgh.

Roman: Hey Dardan, you missed your party.

Niko: Hey, that's a nice view.

Niko: I'm on my way, Roman.

Dardan: Motherfucker!

Roman: Nice one, cousin. Drive back to the depot, these bruises are starting to really hurt.

Roman: Niko, come help me... quickly.

Roman: Niko, get here quickly. This is getting out of hand.

Kalem: Stay down, fat man.

Niko: We're coming for you, Dardan.

Kalem: You better not try to get up, fatty.

Niko: You better run fast.

Kalem: You're not going anywhere.