There are many '''phone numbers''' seen, mentioned, and used throughout the [[Grand Theft Auto]] series. ==GTA Vice City== In [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City]], there are several numbers mentioned on the radio that can be dialed in real life. {| |1-866-PILLAGE |1-866-745-5243 |Thor's Premium Pillage Line |- |1-866-9-SAVE ME |1-866-972-8363 |Pastor Richards' Salvation Statue Fund |- |1-866-9-BURY ME |1-866-928-7963 |Farewell Ranch |- |1-866-434-SELF |1-866-434-7353 |Jeremy Robard Think Your Way to Success |- |1-866-9-SHADEE |1-866-974-2333 |The Law Firm of Delio & Furax |} ==GTA San Andreas== In [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]], these phone numbers can be dialed in real life {| |1-866-FUN-CULT |1-866-386-2858 |The Epsilon Tract |- |1-866-FACE-FEAR |1-866-3223-3327 |Inversion Therapy |} ==GTA IV== :''See also: [[Phone Numbers in GTA IV]]'' The [[cell phone]] in [[Grand Theft Auto IV]] makes dialing phone numbers part of gameplay. However not all phone numbers work and some phone numbers only work at certain times or for certain missions. ===Real life number=== {| |212-360-2367 |[[Beatrix Fontaine]]'s automated fortune telling line. |} ===Working numbers=== {| |911 |Emergency Services |- |948-555-0100 |[[ZiT]] Song Identifier |- |123-555-0160 (Bryce Bug) |[[Bryce Dawkins]]' bugged [[Infernus]], available after [[Knowing Me, Knowing You]], doesn't always work |} [[Cheats in GTA IV]] uses phone numbers to activate them. ===Mission specific numbers=== {| |843-555-0124 |Number used in [[Call and Collect]] |- |545-555-0122 |Number used in [[Lure (IV)|Lure]] |- |662-555-0147 |[[Gracie Ancelotti]] for the mission [[I'll Take Her...]] |} 555-2222 The number to call [[Roman Bellic]] for a optional taxi ride from Bellic Enterprises in the mission [[Roman's Holiday]] [[Category:Features in GTA Vice City]] [[Category:Features in GTA San Andreas]] [[Category:Features in GTA IV]] [[Category:Communications]]

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This discussion is for the naming of pages for locations in GTA games.

Types of location include:

  • Entire maps (which can consist of multiple states)
  • States
  • Cities
  • Areas of a city
  • Towns and villages

This discussion does NOT extend to specific things within a location, such as buildings, natural features, points of interest or businesses.

Existing Conventions

There are a range of conventions currently in use on the wiki, and yet others proposed or possible:

Entire maps

Entire maps tend to be named for the most significant location within it. They are generally named after the main city, even if technically the areas around it, those out at sea, or those featured only in missions, may not be within the city limits.

The map of San Andreas in GTA III Era takes the name of the state, as that covers all 3 cities, the countryside and other settlements. This is an unambiguous, obvious and correct name, even if it is the only map not named after a single city.

In contrast, Liberty City in GTA IV Era is named after the main city. Technically, the city and state of Alderney are completely outside Liberty City and Liberty City State. Popular convention and Rockstar themselves state that the game is set in 'Liberty City" so this is reflected in the name. In this situation, we mention the discrepancy and Alderney has its own page. Calling the map 'Liberty City' may not be 100% accurate, but it is completely understandable and the simplest method of referencing.

The standard convention of adding "in GTA V" (for a single game) or "in GTA III Era" (for multiples) applies. Although San Andreas only appears in one game, it is named for the Era (not sure why).

States & Cities

In all instances, the city name is used alone, with the standard disambiguation convention used where necessary, adding "in GTA V" (for a single game) or "in GTA III Era" (for multiples) applies.

Towns & Villages

As far as I'm aware, none of these names have been reused, so no disambiguation is necessary, but the standard convention would apply.


Specific districts, sections, areas or neighbourhoods within a city are generally simply given their name alone.

Where these names occur in multiple cities, such as Market or Downtown, different conventions are used for disambiguation:

  • Market, Los Santos uses a comma-separated distinction, based on the American practice of referring to cities with their states after, such as "Houston, Texas"
  • Downtown Los Santos is an example of pages where the city is added to be part of the area name. This is repeated for others such as Midtown Algonquin
  • Vinewood in GTA III Era follows the normal convention of "X in Y", probably because Vinewood is more than just an area, it is also an industry

These multiple conventions are evident when looking through Category:Areas.

There is also no convention on what happens when the same city name is used in different eras. So far, the convention has been, instead of referring to "X in Los Santos in GTA III Era", referring entirely to sub-areas, such as Areas in Algonquin.

Also notice that in the GTA III Era, the city name is the one added to the area (Market, Los Santos), whilst in the GTA IV Era, the borough name is used instead (Chinatown, Algonquin).

With Grand Theft Auto V approaching, it's important we come to some definitive rules about which to use, to ensure everyone is on the same page and we can efficiently create, find, use and link to the relevant pages.


Discuss this and make suggestions on the talk page.