Corvin Stadium

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Corvin Stadium in Foster Valley, San Fierro.

Corvin Stadium is San Fierro's primary stadium, located in Foster Valley at the southeastern end of the city in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is the home to the San Fierro 69ers and the Packers. There are also vending machines and food stalls around the place. The player may also partake in an Blood Bowl event here, which is needed for 100% Completion. A Bloodring Banger spawns continuously near the stadium after completing the event inside the stadium.

Due to its location, size, and architecture, Corvin Stadium is likely meant to resemble Cow Palace, which is an indoor arena located south of San Francisco, in nearby Daly City. Because it is home to San Fierro's major sports teams, Corvin Stadium may also have been intended to emulate AT&T Park, the home of the San Francisco Giants baseball team, as well as Candlestick Park, the home of the San Francisco 49ers football team, prior to the stadium's demolition and the relocation of the team to Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara in 2014.