{{Infobox vehicles | name = AT-400 | front_image = AT400-GTASA-inflight.jpg | image_size = 300 | caption = An AT-400 in flight [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas|GTA San Andreas]] | vehicle_type = Civilian [[Fixed-Wing Aircraft|fixed-wing aircraft]] | body_style = Passenger jetliner | game_1 = SA }} The '''AT-400''' is a [[Fixed-Wing Aircraft|jet airliner]] in [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]]. == Description == Based on either the [[wp:Boeing 737-400#737-400|Boeing 737-400]] or the [[wp:Airbus A320|Airbus A320]] commercial jets, the AT-400's large size and sluggish response makes the plane harder to control, similar to the [[Andromada]]. Nevertheless, the plane can in fact be used to execute stunts, including barrel rolls and loop-the-loops. A primary disadvantage to this plane is once you land and get out you can't get back in because the door is very high from the ground. The only way you can get back in it to find a [[Baggage]] with [[Towing#GTA San Andreas 2|a ladder]] attached to the back, land the plane at Las Venturas Airport and go to the hangar again, or find a [[Yankee]] and jump over it, using its back side as a platform. Unlike most other planes, this plane is also the only one that can be flown over [[Area 69]] with less chance of being shot down by homing missiles, providing you don't hang around. The AT-400 is also only one of two aircraft that can fly to the maximum height in the game, the other being the [[Hydra]]. Like the other planes, it can also be seen flying in the distance, but it is hard to take down the flying AT-400, even with homing rockets or kamikaze style attack. The plane is also used for [[Airports#Commercial flights|paid commercial flights]] between cities in [[State of San Andreas|San Andreas]]. ==Location== As a controllable vehicle, the plane is considerably rare, appearing in only one location, inside the large airport hangar in [[Las Venturas Airport]] in [[Las Venturas]], when the player approaches from the south. Regardless, the plane does not always spawn in the hangar. == Trivia == [[Image:AT400-GTASA-parked.jpg|275px|thumb|right|A parked AT-400 at the [[Easter Bay Airport]], with a [[Utility Van]] parked nearby for comparison in size.]] * The AT-400 is the largest controllable vehicle in the game (the second is [[Tug Boat|Tug]], a boat from GTA IV), the [[Andromada]] being the third largest. Interestingly enough, when comparing their real life counterparts the cargo plane (Andromada) is actually bigger than the passenger jet (AT-400). * The AT-400's initial is similar to that of the [[Airtrain|Air Train]], a similarly sized airliner that repeatedly appears as a static prop earlier in GTA III and GTA Vice City. * Certain [[modifications]], like the "Fly Mod" and the "Anti-Material Rifle", can knock an AT-400 out of the sky but it still takes a lot of practice to bring one down even with modifications. * There is no way the AT-400 can be saved at a [[garage]], since the entrance at the aircraft hangar at [[Verdant Meadows]] is too small for the plane to fit; obviously, normal garages at [[Save Points in GTA San Andreas|safehouses]] are way too small. * Of all aircraft in GTA San Andreas, the AT-400 is the most durable of all. Even when shot from SAM sites it can withstand between 8 to 11 hits before blowing up and falling from the sky. {{Navboxes |title= Navigation |list1= {{vehicles|state=collapsed}} {{gtasa vehicles|state=collapsed}} }} [[Category:Vehicles]] [[Category:Vehicles in GTA San Andreas]] [[Category:Aircraft]] [[Category:Fixed-Wing Aircraft]] [[de:AT-400 (SA)]] [[es:AT-400]] [[fi:AT-400]] [[fr:AT-400]] [[pl:AT-400]]

Exercising Demons - Franklin

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Exercising Demons - Franklin
Game GTA V
Protagonist Franklin Clinton
For MaryAnn Quinn
Objective Win a triathlon race against MaryAnn Quinn.
Location Peninsula west of Paleto Bay, Blaine County
Fail MaryAnn Quinn is assaulted
Losing the race
Unlocked by Predator
Achievements Solid Gold, Baby! (can be part of)

Exercising Demons - Franklin is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Franklin Clinton by MaryAnn Quinn from the peninsula west of Paleto Bay, Blaine County.


Franklin Clinton goes to the beach on a peninsula just west of Paleto Bay and finds MaryAnn Quinn exercising on the beach. She spots Franklin and tells him not to look at her ass. Franklin states he wasn't and asks her what her plans are. MaryAnn, who is uncomfortable about her appearance, asks Franklin if he thinks she only swims because 'I float easily'. She then tells Franklin she is going to do a triathlon with Franklin responding that she has too much spare time. MaryAnn questions whether Franklin only likes stay at home cheerleaders and calls him pathetic. An angry Franklin states that he will compete with her in the triathlon and that he will beat her with MaryAnn saying 'I bet you like to beat women'.

The two begin running into the Pacific Ocean and swim across the bay towards Paleto Bay. After swimming across the bay the two begin cycling around a trail and a road, which includes cycling over a broken part of the road where both land safely on the other side. The two reach an open section of land, heading toward another peninsula to the north of Paleto Bay, and begin the running part of the triathlon. Franklin arrives at the finish line first and Franklin states that it is about participating not winning, which MaryAnn disagrees with. She calls herself a 'fat, unmarried, career-driven loser!' before running to a bicycle and cycling into the distance.

Secondary objective

Objective Description
Champion Win the race without taking any shortcuts.


  • A stunt jump can be completed during the mission while cycling.
  • As the two run towards the raised part of the peninsula, a woman asks Franklin if he has seen a dog. This is may be a reference to the dog who helps Franklin to find Dom Beasley and later informs him of Dom's suicidal plan to jump from the Land Act Dam into the small body of water below without any safety equipment, as the dog is not seen by anybody else in either mission.

Video walkthrough

Xbox 360 Version - GTASeriesVideos
(6 minutes and 50 seconds in)