There are many '''phone numbers''' seen, mentioned, and used throughout the [[Grand Theft Auto]] series. ==GTA Vice City== In [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City]], there are several numbers mentioned on the radio that can be dialed in real life. {| |1-866-PILLAGE |1-866-745-5243 |Thor's Premium Pillage Line |- |1-866-9-SAVE ME |1-866-972-8363 |Pastor Richards' Salvation Statue Fund |- |1-866-9-BURY ME |1-866-928-7963 |Farewell Ranch |- |1-866-434-SELF |1-866-434-7353 |Jeremy Robard Think Your Way to Success |- |1-866-9-SHADEE |1-866-974-2333 |The Law Firm of Delio & Furax |} ==GTA San Andreas== In [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]], these phone numbers can be dialed in real life {| |1-866-FUN-CULT |1-866-386-2858 |The Epsilon Tract |- |1-866-FACE-FEAR |1-866-3223-3327 |Inversion Therapy |} ==GTA IV== :''See also: [[Phone Numbers in GTA IV]]'' The [[cell phone]] in [[Grand Theft Auto IV]] makes dialing phone numbers part of gameplay. However not all phone numbers work and some phone numbers only work at certain times or for certain missions. ===Real life number=== {| |212-360-2367 |[[Beatrix Fontaine]]'s automated fortune telling line. |} ===Working numbers=== {| |911 |Emergency Services |- |948-555-0100 |[[ZiT]] Song Identifier |- |123-555-0160 (Bryce Bug) |[[Bryce Dawkins]]' bugged [[Infernus]], available after [[Knowing Me, Knowing You]], doesn't always work |} [[Cheats in GTA IV]] uses phone numbers to activate them. ===Mission specific numbers=== {| |843-555-0124 |Number used in [[Call and Collect]] |- |545-555-0122 |Number used in [[Lure (IV)|Lure]] |- |662-555-0147 |[[Gracie Ancelotti]] for the mission [[I'll Take Her...]] |} 555-2222 The number to call [[Roman Bellic]] for a optional taxi ride from Bellic Enterprises in the mission [[Roman's Holiday]] [[Category:Features in GTA Vice City]] [[Category:Features in GTA San Andreas]] [[Category:Features in GTA IV]] [[Category:Communications]]

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Main page of the website is a website in Grand Theft Auto IV. It is a parody of the social networking site, parodying it by ironically offering anonymity whereas Facebook contrastingly encourages users to upload pictures of themselves to their profiles.

The site contains several letters from different people, the majority of them being asylum seekers or foreigners (shown by their poor English) in general looking for Americans to enter relationships with or, more likely, to take their money.

One person in particular on the website, 'Kerry' from Los Santos shares some similar characteristics to the user 'Limevenus' on Blogsnobs as well as their age and general area of residence, Red County, which is close to the city of Los Santos.

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