{{infobox character| |image =Catalina-GTA3.jpg |size = 180px |games = [[Grand Theft Auto III]]
[[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]] |name = Catalina |aka = |gender = F |dob = |pob = |dod =[[2001]] |home = [[Catalina's Hideout|Hideout]], [[Fern Ridge]], [[Red County]], [[State of San Andreas|San Andreas]]
[[Cartel Mansion]], [[Cedar Grove]], [[Shoreside Vale]], [[Liberty City in GTA III Era|Liberty City]] |nationality = [[United States|American]] |family = [[Cesar Vialpando]] (cousin) |affiliations = [[Cesar Vialpando]]
[[Carl Johnson]]
[[Colombian Cartel]]
[[Curly Bob]]
[[Uptown Yardies]] |vehicles = [[Buffalo]] |businesses =Drug Dealing
Bank Robberies
Leader of the [[Columbian Cartel]] |voice = [[Cynthia Farrell]] }} '''Catalina''' is a character in the [[Grand Theft Auto]] series and the main antagonist in [[Grand Theft Auto III]] (set in 2001) who also appears as a character in [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]] (set in 1992). She is a criminal in [[Red County]] in GTA San Andreas and the leader of the [[Colombian Cartel]] in GTA III. She is also the cousin of [[Varrios Los Aztecas]] leader [[Cesar Vialpando]]. She is voiced by [[Cynthia Farrell]], who has also voiced characters in the video game ''Batman: Dark Tomorrow''. ==Character history== ===Life until 1992=== Catalina, of mixed Mexican, Dominican and Colombian descent, began her criminal activities at some point before [[1992]], when she [[First Date (GTA SA)|met]] [[Carl Johnson]] at the recommendation of her cousin, [[Cesar Vialpando]], meeting at [[The Welcome Pump]] in [[Dillimore]], with Catalina fending off two men with a [[knife]]. The two become romantically involved, with Catalina putting Johnson through an extreme form of BDSM before committing a robbery. The two begin to rob various 'soft targets' identified by Catalina, including a [[Gasso]] [[Tanker Commander|gas station]] in [[Dillimore]], a [[Small Town Bank|bank]] in [[Palomino Creek]], an [[Inside Track]] [[Against All Odds|betting shop]] in [[Montgomery]] and a [[Local Liquor Store|small liquor store]] in [[Blueberry]]. Their relationship, however, becomes strained over Johnson's desire for money to help try and free his brother [[Sean Johnson|Sweet]], who was [[The Green Sabre|incarcerated]] by the [[Los Santos Police Department]]. After the two separate, she begins a relationship with [[Claude]] and 'helps' him in two races involving [[Carl]] and [[Wu Zi Mu]]. Johnson, who wins both races, wins a [[Doherty Garage|garage]] in [[Doherty]], [[San Fierro]] from Claude, who leaves with Catalina on a nine year journey to [[Liberty City in GTA III Era|Liberty City]]. Catalina, however, continues to phone Carl and tease him about her relationship with Claude. ===1992 to 2001=== Catalina and Claude, after leaving San Andreas, begin a nine year journey to Liberty City, going through many [[United States|American]] states committing bank robberies, including Texas and New Mexico. The two, at some point, return to San Andreas and purchase airline tickets to [[Francis International Airport, Shoreside Vale|Francis International Airport]], which were discovered in Catalina's apartment in "[[Los Santos]] or [[San Fierro|San fierro]]". The two, however, continue on their journey to Liberty City, reaching their destination in October [[2001]]. ===Final year===] After arriving in Liberty City, Catalina begins discussions with and becomes the leader of the [[Colombian Cartel]] and, with some of their members (including [[Miguel]]) rob a [[Bank of Liberty|bank]] in the [[Ghost Town|city]]. After robbing the bank she shoots Claude, leaving him for dead, and explaining that he is 'small time'. She continues her criminal activities with the Cartel, increasing the production of [[SPANK]] and attacking the [[Yakuza]] on [[Staunton Island]] and the [[Leone Family]] on [[Portland Island]]. During this period, Claude managed to [[Introduction (GTA III)|escape]] from an [[LCPD in GTA III Era|LCPD]] convoy with, unintentionally, help from the Colombian Cartel (who were seeking to capture the [[Oriental Gentleman]]) and began working for Leone made man [[Luigi Goterelli]]. After proving himself, Claude begins to work for the Family [[Boss|Don]], [[Salvatore Leone]], who has him follow [[Luigi's Sex Club 7]] barman [[Curly Bob]] to [[Portland Harbor]], where he is seen to sell Leone secrets to Catalina and Miguel. Salvatore then has Claude destroy a freighter used by the Cartel to produce SPANK. Claude later flees to Staunton Island and begins to work for Yakuza co-leader [[Asuka Kasen]] who begins to attack the Cartel following the [[Waka-Gashira Wipeout|death]] of her brother [[Kenji Kasen|Kenji]] at the hands of a 'Cartel assassin', which was really Claude working on orders from [[Donald Love]]. Love later sends Claude to [[Grand Theft Aero|collect a package]] from a construction site in [[Fort Staunton]], where he once again meets Catalina and Miguel, with Catalina shooting Miguel in the back and escaping with the package. Asuka, desperate to exact revenge for her brothers death, begins to torture Miguel for information, with Claude then using the information to attack Cartel interests, including destroying stands selling SPANK run by the [[Uptown Yardies]]. Catalina, however, strikes back and kills both Asuka and Miguel, and kidnapping [[Maria Latore]], using her as a hostage and demanding a [[Money|$]]500,000 [[Ransom (GTA III)|ransom]] be brought to the [[Cartel Mansion|Cartel headquarters]] in [[Cedar Grove]]. Claude decides to [[The Exchange (GTA III)|take the ransom money]] to Catalina and manages to escape an ambush, set up by Catalina, who escapes in a helicopter and keeps Latore hostage. Claude follows Catalina to [[Cochrane Dam]], where he destroys the [[Helicopter (GTA III)|helicopter]] with a [[Rocket Launcher|rocket launcher]], killing Catalina and severely weakening the Cartel. ==Personality== Catalina is portrayed as a reckless and extremely aggressive psychotic who turns on even close partners if they cease to be useful to her (as seen with Carl Johnson, Claude and Miguel). Much more of Catalina's psyche is brought to light during her conversations with Carl Johnson, frequently shooting bystanders during heists and references cannibalism. She also suffers from a persecution complex, possibly due to cruel treatment by her stepfather as a child, telling Johnson that "They had to die because YOU were slow and stupid, like a big fat brat that eats chocolates while his father gives nothing to his step daughter but stale bread!" ==Murders committed== *[[Miguel]] (killed for telling Cartel secrets to Asuka) *[[Asuka Kasen]] (killed to kidnap Maria and for disrupting Cartel activities) ==Mission appearances== ;GTA III *[[Introduction (GTA III)|Introduction]] *[[Cutting The Grass]] *[[Grand Theft Aero]] *[[Kingdom Come]] (Note) *[[Ransom (GTA III)|Ransom]] (Note/Boss) *[[The Exchange (GTA III)|The Exchange]] (Boss/Killed) ;GTA San Andreas *[[First Date (GTA SA)|First Date]] (Boss) *[[Tanker Commander]] (Boss) *[[First Base]] (Boss) *[[Against All Odds]] (Boss) *[[Gone Courting]] (Boss) *[[Local Liquor Store]] (Boss) *[[Made in Heaven]] (Boss) *[[Small Town Bank]] (Boss) *[[Farewell, My Love...]] (Boss) *[[Lure (GTA SA)|Lure]] (Voice) *[[N.O.E.]] (Voice) *[[Home Coming]] (Voice) *[[End of the Line]] (Voice) ==Trivia== *Catalina is the only female [[antagonist]] in the Grand Theft Auto series. *Catalina's top is noticeably different from the original GTAIII PS2 release then the later GTAIII re-releases. *Her surname is never revealed, although being Cesar Vialpando's cousin, there is nothing to suggest her last name is Vialpando. ==Gallery== Image:Have You Seen This Woman Catalina.jpg|An [[LCPD in GTA III Era|LCPD]] photograph of Catalina for a [[Have You Seen This Woman?|liberty tree article]]. Image:TheExchange-GTAIII.jpg|Claude and Catalina during [[The Exchange (GTA III)|The Exchange]]. Image:Catalina&Miguel-GTAIII.jpg|Catalina and Miguel during [[Cutting the Grass]]. {{Colombian Cartel}} {{GTA III Characters}} {{GTA San Andreas Characters}} [[de:Catalina]] [[es:Catalina]] [[Category:Characters|Catalina]] [[Category:Characters in GTA III|Catalina]] [[Category:Characters in GTA San Andreas|Catalina]] [[Category:Antagonists|Catalina]] [[Category:Bosses|Catalina]] [[Category:Deceased Characters|Catalina]] [[Category:Gang Leaders]] [[Category:Gangsters|Catalina]]

North Point Mall Bookstore

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North Point Mall Bookstore
The North Point Mall Bookstore with some windows broken after a gun fight.

The North Point Mall Bookstore with some windows broken after a gun fight.
Game GTA Vice City
Type of business Book store
Location(s) Vice Point, Vice City

The North Point Mall Bookstore is, as the name states, a bookstore located inside the North Point Mall in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The player can not access the store, unless using a modification, hack and/or trainer. The store is featured in the mission Shakedown when Tommy Vercetti breaks the windows of a number of stores in the mall to intimidate them into paying protection money. The store is located in the southern half of the mall, near the Vice City Motors give away stand and a Sprunk booth.