Redneck Attack!

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Redneck Attack!
Game GTA 2
For Dr. LaBrat
Location Dominatrix, Residential District, Anywhere City
Reward $30,000

Redneck Attack! is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 2 given to protagonist Claude Speed by Scientist boss Dr. LaBrat. The mission is available from the two yellow Scientist phones in Dominatrix of the Residential District, after LaBrat's Plan! and Gran'pa We Love You! have been completed.


The Rednecks are preparing to attack the Scientists' Generators. Dr. LaBrat asks Claude to protect all 3 of them from destruction until they can activate auxilay power.


Dr. LaBrat: "THC-303 - it's Dr. LaBrat. Drunken Rednecks are using our high-powered Generators for target practice. Go now and prepare to protect our power source."

(Claude drives to the Scientist generators)

Dr. LaBrat: "We need at least ONE Generator intact, THC-303, so defend them well. The Rednecks are on the move. We should have auxilary power on line in TWO minutes."

Dr. LaBrat: "There goes a generator, THC-303! Kill the Rednecks!"

Dr. LaBrat: "A generator is down, THC-303! Kill the Rednecks!"

(Claude defends at least one of the generators until two minutes have passed)

Dr. LaBrat: "Well, THC-303, at least we still have one operational Generator to take the strain. Here's $10,000."


Completing the mission will give you up to $30,000, depending on how many Generators you successfully defend.

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