Santa Flora

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Santa Flora, San Fierro.
Santa Flora location

Santa Flora is a district of San Fierro, San Andreas. It is located just north of City Hall and Queens and east/southeast of Palisades. To the north is Paradiso; to the east are Juniper Hill and Chinatown. Santa Flora also contains San Fierro's main hospital, San Fierro Medical Center. This middle-income district mainly consists of the hospital and only a number of residences.

Events of GTA San Andreas

After fleeing to San Fierro with The Truth once the marijuana farm The Truth was running is discovered by the police, Carl must settle into his new environment. A large part of this process is renovating the derelict garage he won in an automobile race with Claude. To help Carl with this endeavor, The Truth offers to employ some of his local acquaintances as chop-shop workers. As they are driving through San Fierro picking up The Truth's contacts, he asks Carl to drive to the hospital in Santa Flora to monitor the activity of a rather uninteresting van. After admonishing the other passengers in the car to "think of a yellow rubber duck" as the van passes by, he "explains" his interest in the van to Carl by asking if he knows what a subdermal neurophone is. Carl and the player are left to draw their own conclusions.



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