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The following is the script from the mission "Shadow" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Real Badman: Hey boy, don't move, don't move.

Niko Bellic: Hey! Ah!

Badman: Me say don't move boy. Who are you?

Niko Bellic: What the fuck, are you kidding me?

Badman: Where ya come from? Who are you?

Niko Bellic: Hey, man, I'm here to see Jacob. It's Niko.

Badman: Niko?

Little Jacob: Badman, what gwa'an down there so?

Badman: Some boy down here, sir, beat up the door. Some boy dere, sir, call himself Niko, say he wan' see ya, rude boy.

Little Jacob: Niko? Ah me boy that, Badman. Yo, free up the boy, man. Yo.

Badman: Your boy dat?

Little Jacob: Yeah.

Badman: Cho! Come, my youth.

Little Jacob: Me boy dat, yo.

Badman: Come upstairs to talk wit' Mr. Jacob and ting, man.

Little Jacob: Ah him de one work wit' Roman, de one dat control the taxi...

Badman: Ya know, when ya have people dat knock upon people door an' ting, ya have fe careful an' ting.

Niko Bellic: No, it's ok.

Badman: Yah man. See what me tell?

Niko Bellic: Don't worry about it.

Badman: Ya have to watch out dere, ya know.

Badman: Some boy dere, sir, call himself Niko, say he wan' see ya, rude boy.

Little Jacob: Wha' happen, Niko? Ya alright?

Niko Bellic: Hey, no problem. As good an introduction as any other.

Little Jacob: Yeah, me hear that, ya know? Anyway... some boy around ya boy Badman, ya know. Him want ask ya a favor. Gwa'an, nuh?

Badman: Hey, my youth. Some boy dem, dey pon de corner an' ting, an... de boy dem sell some tings and ting, an... I gwa'an, an' I say... oh, dem nah wan' gimme my money an ting. An'... every corner my corner an... I want my money an' ting, ya know? Ah no see dat! Go, go, ya know, me wan' deal with de case proper. Ya nah see it?

Little Jacob: Alright, let me explain. Is a business ting a gwa'an down dere.

Niko Bellic: Right.

Little Jacob: Dey ah sellin' weed where dey not suppose to sell weed, an' dey nah cutting him in.

Niko Bellic: Okay.

Little Jacob: So wan' ya go down dere and deal wit dem. Seen?

Niko Bellic: Right. It's not gonna be cheap. Where do I find them?

Badman: Cheap? Cheap, my youth? Ya worry bout cheap? We nah worry bout cheap, ya know! De boy dem dere pon de corner! Me say de boi dem a got tings, and uh, on my corner dey a done ting and... Is a heavy corner on my corner, tell ya me now right after de boy! Dem a gwa'an an say "Oh! Dem nah wan' gimme my money." Oh! Say fe gwa'an wit' dat!

Little Jacob: Alright, hear me now. What Badman is saying is... de boy dem a some novice, seen? Ya find dem when ya go pon de corner of Alpha and South Bohan. Seen? When ya go down dere so, yuh see an... tsk! An' just deal wit' dem, seen? Ah go find and turn in work, alright?

Niko Bellic: Alright.

Little Jacob: Alright. Ya want some of dat spliff here?

Niko Bellic: No thanks.

Little Jacob: Ya sure?

Niko Bellic: I'm sure.

Little Jacob: Alright. Respect.

Badman: My youth. Pass me some of dat ting ya have over dereso.

Alright, here hold that, king.


(Niko spots the dealer selling to someone)

Dealer: That's some good shit. You done cleaned me out. Yo! I'm all out of product. Dropping in to pick some up. Be ready.

(Niko follows the dealer)

Roman: Niko, it's your cousin. You want to shoot some pool?

Niko: This isn't a good time, Roman. I got another type of shooting on my mind.

Post mission phone calls

Niko: Tell Badman I got rid of the competition.

Little Jacob: Righteous. De corner belong to I again. Ain't nobody goin' to fuck with I's corner no more, no tings. One love, Niko.

Little Jacob': Alright me man, Niko. How's it going?

Niko: Okay, you and Badman got any more work you need help with?

Little Jacob: It's a funny thing that you should mention that to me, brother. Badman is right impressed with what you doing for I an' I. He want to know if you want deliver some package around town to some various people and ting inna the city. Plenty o' corn in that for you, you know.

Niko: That sounds good.

Little Jacob: Wicked, man. Give I a call when you ready for this first run. There be a lot of work so call whenever, you know. One love, bredren.

Failing the mission

Dealer is killed

Niko: I took the dealer down. With these injuries, he won't be shifting no weight anytime soon.

Little Jacob: One? It be a whole operation, dere be a lot of dem pon da street, killing one ain't nuttin man. Wha'gwan? Come check I soon Niko.

Dealer escapes

Niko: I lost him.

Little Jacob: Ya lose him? How da blood clat ya can lose him? Pon da corner? How ya can lose him pon da corner? Badman ah get vex! Yo, come ah the apartment man. Yo, lose him pon da corner? Cha!