{{infobox character |name = Ray Machowski |image = RayMachowski-GTAIII.jpg |size = 160px |games = [[Grand Theft Auto III]]
[[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories]] |gender = M |dob = |pob = [[Liberty City in GTA III Era|Liberty City]] |home = [[Staunton Island]], [[Liberty City in GTA III Era|Liberty City]] |nationality = [[United States of America|American]] |affiliations = [[LCPD in GTA III Era|Liberty City Police Department]]
[[Leon McAffrey]]
[[Asuka Kasen]]
[[Kenji Kasen]]
[[Claude]] |voice = [[Robert Loggia]] (GTA III)
[[Peter Appel]] (GTA Liberty City Stories) |vehicles = Bulletproof [[Patriot]] (given to Claude after [[Marked Man]]) }} '''Ray Machowski''' is a recurring character in the [[Grand Theft Auto]] series who appears as a character in [[Grand Theft Auto III]] (set in [[2001]]) and [[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories]] (set in [[1998]]). He is a corrupt [[LCPD in GTA III Era|police officer]] working with [[Asuka Kasen|Asuka]] and [[Kenji Kasen]], the co-leaders of the [[Yakuza]]. In GTA III he is voiced by [[Robert Loggia]], who has also appeared in ''Scarface'', and in GTA Liberty City Stories by [[Peter Appel]], who also voiced [[The Tight End Zone]] host [[Derrick Thackery]] in [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]]. ==Character history== Ray Machowski was born and raised in [[Liberty City in GTA III Era|Liberty City]] who, at some point, joined the [[LCPD in GTA III Era|Liberty City Police Department]] and was a law abiding police officer who was teamed with corrupt officer [[Leon McAffrey]], who introduced Machowski to [[Toni Cipriani]]. Machowski attempted to arrest Cipriani and was reluctant to work with criminal elements. At some point prior to [[2001]] this attitude changed, with Machowski beginning to work for [[Asuka Kasen|Asuka]] and [[Kenji Kasen]], the co-leaders of the [[Yakuza]], as an informant. Asuka later suggests that he begin to employ [[Claude]], with Machowski having Claude prove himself by driving to various locations across [[Staunton Island]] to drop off his pay from the Yakuza. Machowski later employs Claude out of [[Belleville Park]], having him [[Silence The Sneak|kill]] McAffrey, his former partner turned informant, [[Arms Shortage|help]] [[Phil Cassidy]] defend his [[Phil's Army Surplus|business]], [[Evidence Dash|collect and destroy]] some evidence, [[Gone Fishing|kill]] Ray's current partner and to [[Plaster Blaster|kill]] his old partner (who survived Claude's previous attempts to kill him). During this time Machowski is being investigated by both internal affairs due to his links to the Yakuza and the CIA due to his attempts to stop the [[Colombian Cartel]] and their production of the drug [[SPANK]]. He later hires Claude to [[Marked Man|drive him]] to the city airport, [[Francis International Airport, Shoreside Vale|Francis International Airport]], to escape arrest by the CIA, successfully catching his flight and fleeing the city. ==Mission appearances== ;GTA III *[[Payday For Ray]] *[[Silence The Sneak]] (Boss) *[[Arms Shortage]] (Boss) *[[Evidence Dash]] (Boss) *[[Gone Fishing]] (Boss) *[[Plaster Blaster]] (Boss) *[[Marked Man]] (Boss) ;GTA Liberty City Stories *[[Crazy '69']] *[[Munitions Dump]] ==Gallery== ;GTA III File:RayMachowski-GTAIII-artwork.jpg|Artwork of Ray Machowski for GTA III. ;GTA Liberty City Stories File:RayMachowski-GTALCS.jpg|Ray Machowski during [[Crazy '69']]. File:Crazy'69'-GTALCS.jpg|Ray Machowski with [[Leon McAffrey]] and [[Toni Cipriani]] in [[Crazy '69']]. File:MunitionsDump-GTALCS.jpg|Ray Machowski, Leon McAffrey and Toni Cipriani during [[Munitions Dump]]. File:RayMachowski-GTALCS-artwork.png|Artwork of Ray Machowski for GTA Liberty City Stories. {{GTA III Characters}} {{GTA Liberty City Stories Characters}} [[Category:Characters|Machowski, Ray]] [[Category:Characters in GTA III|Machowski, Ray]] [[Category:Characters in GTA Liberty City Stories|Machowski, Ray]] [[Category:Bosses|Machowski, Ray]] [[Category:Police Officers|Machowski, Ray]] [[de:Ray Machowski]] [[es:Ray Machowski]] [[fr:Ray Machowski]] [[pl:Ray Machowski]] [[pt:Ray Machowski]]


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BioWell is a well some say people drink from it or someone comes out of it at 0:00 but non confirmed this some say its a mod or fake but its probbaly real heres mysterias things about it:it might have sprunk juice it might have a ghost it is probbaly a reffrence to resident evil or the ring it also has a green light and it has a reffrence to south park somehow.

--JFFulcrum 23:41, 17 February 2009 (UTC) Is a Pizza icon not shown in Montgomery on game map on consoles too or it miss only in PC version?