{{spoiler}} This is a list of all main story missions in [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories]]. ==Chapter One== ===Jerry Martinez=== {|class="wikitable" !Name/Screenshot !Character Appearances !Reward !Unlocks !Overview |- |[[File:Soldier-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Soldier]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Jerry Martinez]] |$50 |[[Cleaning House]] (Martinez) |Victor receives a package for Martinez from [[Escobar International Airport|the airport]]. |- |[[File:CleaningHouse-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Cleaning House]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Jerry Martinez]]
[[Phil Cassidy]] |$100 |[[Conduct Unbecoming]] (Martinez)
[[Phil's Shooting Range]] |Martinez wants Victor to pick up some money from gun runner, Phil Cassidy. |- |[[File:ConductUnbecoming-GTAVCS.png|175px]] [[Conduct Unbecoming]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Jerry Martinez]]
[[Phil Cassidy]]
[[Mary]] |Nothing |[[Cholo Victory]] (Phil)
[[Casual Outfit]]
[[101 Bayshore Avenue]] |Martinez will get rid of the stuff Victor has saved for him, if he picks up his girlfriend, Mary. Mary turns out to be a prostitute and when Victor brings her to the base, he's kicked out of the army. |} ===Phil Cassidy=== {|class="wikitable" !Name/Screenshot !Character Appearances !Reward !Unlocks !Overview |- |[[File:CholoVictory-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Cholo Victory]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Phil Cassidy]] |$200 |[[Boomshine Blowout]] (Phil)
[[Shakedown (VCS)|Shakedown]] (Marty) |Phil is pissed off with the [[Cholos]] and wants to perform a drive-by on some of them. |- |[[File:BoomshineBlowout-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Boomshine Blowout]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Phil Cassidy]] |$250 |[[Truck Stop]] (Phil) |Phil's warehouse full of his explosive drink, boomshine, is destroyed by the Cholos and he needs to get the stuff to safety. |- |[[File:TruckStop-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Truck Stop]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Phil Cassidy]]
[[Jerry Martinez]] |$300 |[[Marked Men]] (Phil) (after completing [[Got Protection?]]) |Martinez informs Phil and Victor off a truck with a bunch of guns nearby. |} ===Marty Jay Williams=== {|class="wikitable" !Name/Screenshot !Character Appearances !Reward !Unlocks !Overview |- |[[File:Shakedown-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Shakedown (VCS)|Shakedown]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Marty Jay Williams]]
[[Louise Cassidy-Williams]]
[[Mary-Beth Williams]] |$500 |[[Fear the Repo]] (Marty) |Marty wants protection money from a couple of stores under Cholos protection. |- |[[File:FeartheRepo-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Fear the Repo]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Marty Jay Williams]]
[[Louise Cassidy-Williams]] |$500 |[[Waking Up the Neighbors]] (Marty)
[[When Funday Comes]] (Louise) |Victor is requested by Marty to repossess some vehicles. |- |[[File:WakingUptheNeighbors-GTAVCS.png|175px]] [[Waking Up the Neighbors]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Marty Jay Williams]] |$500 |[[O, Brothel, Where Art Thou?]] (Marty) |The Cholos are muscling in Marty's repo business and he wants Victor to teach them a lesson. |- |[[File:O,Brother,WhereArtThou-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[O, Brothel, Where Art Thou?]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Marty Jay Williams]] |$700 |[[Got Protection?]] (Marty) |The Trailer Park Mafia are getting into the prostitution business and looking for a business site belonging to the Cholos. |- |[[File:GotProtection-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Got Protection?]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Marty Jay Williams]] |$500 |[[Marked Men]] (Phil) (after completing [[Truck Stop]]) |The Cholos are messing with Marty's girls, he wants Victor to teach them a lesson again. |} ===Phil Cassidy=== {|class="wikitable" !Name/Screenshot !Character Appearances !Reward !Unlocks !Overview |- |[[File:MarkedMen-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Marked Men]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Phil Cassidy]]
[[Jerry Martinez]] |Nothing |[[D.I.V.O.R.C.E.]] (Louise) (after completing [[Takin' Out the White Trash]]) |Martinez wants Phil and Victor to check out a warehouse of his, to see if his money is there. However, it turns out to be a trap. |} ===Louise Cassidy-Williams=== {|class="wikitable" !Name/Screenshot !Character Appearances !Reward !Unlocks !Overview |- |[[File:WhenFundayComes-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[When Funday Comes]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Louise Cassidy-Williams]]
[[Mary-Beth Williams]] |$500 |[[Takin' Out the White Trash]] (Louise)
Turismo races |Louise is tired of being mistreated by Marty and wants a way out. She and Victor go to a [[Quad]] bike race. |- |[[File:Takin'OuttheWhiteTrash-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Takin' Out the White Trash]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Louise Cassidy-Williams]]
[[Mary-Beth Williams]] |$200 |[[D.I.V.O.R.C.E.]] (Louise) (after completing [[Marked Men]]) |Louise forgot some of her baby's stuff over at Marty's place and is assisted by Victor in doing so. |- |[[File:D.I.V.O.R.C.E.-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[D.I.V.O.R.C.E.]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Mary-Jo Cassidy]]
[[Marty Jay Williams]]
[[Louise Cassidy-Williams]] |Nothing |[[To Victor, the Spoils]] (Louise)
[[The Compound]]
[[Trailer Trash|Trailer Trash outfit]] |Marty has kidnapped Louise and is going to turn her out into a prostitute. |- |[[File:ToVictor,theSpoils-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[To Victor, the Spoils]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Louise Cassidy-Williams]] |$1,500 |[[Jive Drive]] (Nobody)
[[Empire Building]] |Louise has got the idea that Victor should take over Marty's businesses, since he is dead. |} ==Chapter Two== ===No Boss=== {|class="wikitable" !Name/Screenshot !Character Appearances !Reward !Unlocks !Overview |- |[[File:JiveDrive-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Jive Drive]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Lance Vance]] |Nothing |[[Hose the Hoes]] (Louise)
[[Nice Package]] (Umberto) |Victor has been told to wait for a friend at the airport. |} ===Louise Cassidy-Williams=== {|class="wikitable" !Name/Screenshot !Character Appearances !Reward !Unlocks !Overview |- |[[File:HosetheHoes-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Hose the Hoes]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Louise Cassidy-Williams]] |$300 |[[Robbing the Cradle]] (Louise)
[[The Audition]] (Lance) |Louise has been informed that Victor's recently taken over brothel is set on fire by one of Marty's associates. |- |[[File:RobbingtheCradle-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Robbing the Cradle]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Louise Cassidy-Williams]] |$300 |[[Caught as an Act]] (Lance) (after completing [[Havana Good Time]] and [[Money for Nothing]]) |The welfare man is threatening to take away Mary-Beth from Louise if she doesn't put out for her. |} ===Umberto Robina=== {|class="wikitable" !Name/Screenshot !Character Appearances !Reward !Unlocks !Overview |- |[[File:NicePackage-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Nice Package]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Umberto Robina]]
[[Ronaldo]] |$750 |[[Balls]] (Umberto) |Umberto paged Victor to come over and now wants him to pick up a package. |- |[[File:Balls-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Balls]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Umberto Robina]] |$800 |[[Papi Don't Screech]] (Umberto) |Jerry Martinez is ordering the Cholos to cause havoc on [[Little Havana]] and Victor helps the Cubans stop it. |- |[[File:PapiDon'tScreech-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Papi Don't Screech]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Umberto Robina]]
[[Alberto Robina]] |$1,000 |[[Havana Good Time]] (Umberto) |Umberto's father, Alberto, went over to the stadium and some Cholos drove over there. |- |[[File:HavanaGoodTime-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Havana Good Time]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Umberto Robina]] |$1,500 |[[Caught as an Act]] (Lance) (after completing [[Robbing the Cradle]] and [[Money for Nothing]])
Cuban Style outfit |Umberto has heard about a warehouse run by the Cholos full of guns and wants his goons to steal them. |} ===Lance Vance=== {|class="wikitable" !Name/Screenshot !Character Appearances !Reward !Unlocks !Overview |- |[[File:TheAudition-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[The Audition]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Lance Vance]] |$750 |[[Money for Nothing]] (Forbes)
[[Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound]] |Lance has met a big player and wants to pick up his car from burning. |} ===Bryan Forbes=== {|class="wikitable" !Name/Screenshot !Character Appearances !Reward !Unlocks !Overview |- |[[File:MoneyforNothing-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Money for Nothing]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Lance Vance]]
[[Bryan Forbes]] |$1,500 |[[Caught as an Act]] (Lance) (after completing [[Robbing the Cradle]] and [[Havana Good Time]]) |Forbes and Lance want to get a van full of drugs to safety while Victor keeps the cops busy. |} ===Lance Vance=== {|class="wikitable" !Name/Screenshot !Character Appearances !Reward !Unlocks !Overview |- |[[File:CaughtasanAct-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Caught as an Act]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Lance Vance]]
[[Bryan Forbes]] |$750 |[[Leap and Bound]] (Forbes)
[[Snitch Hitch]] (Lance) |Lance doesn't trust Forbes and discovers that he's an undercover cop. He wants to hold him hostage in a house for information. |} ===Bryan Forbes=== {|class="wikitable" !Name/Screenshot !Character Appearances !Reward !Unlocks !Overview |- |[[File:LeapandBound-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Leap and Bound]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Bryan Forbes]]
[[Lance Vance]] |$1,500 |[[The Bum Deal]] (Forbes) |Lance and Victor are looking for information about a shipment coming in, Forbes informs them of a dealer. |- |[[File:TheBumDeal-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[The Bum Deal]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Bryan Forbes]]
[[Lance Vance]] |Nothing |[[From Zero to Hero]] (Lance) (after completing [[Snitch Hitch]]) |The Vance brothers are looking for more reliable information about the shipment, Forbes leads them to a bar nearby. |} ===Lance Vance=== {|class="wikitable" !Name/Screenshot !Character Appearances !Reward !Unlocks !Overview |- |[[File:SnitchHitch-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Snitch Hitch]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Lance Vance]]
[[Janet Vance]]
[[Javier]] |$1,300 |[[From Zero to Hero]] (Lance) (after completing [[The Bum Deal]]) |Lance knows a contact with files regarding the big shipment coming in but he's leaving soon. |- |[[File:FromZerotoHero-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[From Zero to Hero]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Lance Vance]] |$3,000 |[[Brawn of the Dead]] (Lance)
The east island
[[The Clymenus Suite]] |Lance has found out about the shipment coming in and plans to rip it off. |} ==Chapter Three== ===Lance Vance=== {|class="wikitable" !Name/Screenshot !Character Appearances !Reward !Unlocks !Overview |- |[[File:BrawnoftheDead-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Brawn of the Dead]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Lance Vance]]
[[Jerry Martinez]]
[[Spitz]] |$850 |[[Blitzkrieg]] (Lance)
[[Accidents Will Happen]] (Reni)
[[Pastel Suit]] |Vic brags to Martinez about ripping off the coke from him but Jerry reveals to Vic that he was just the middleman and that the coke actually belonged to The Mendez Brothers. Martinez plans to turn states evidence and ruin everybody. However, Lance plans to sell the coke, pay off the Feds, and deal with The Mendez Brothers. He has also lined up a buyer. |- |[[File:Blitzkrieg-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Blitzkrieg]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Lance Vance]] |$500 |[[The Mugshot Longshot]] (Mendez) |In retaliation for stealing their coke, the Mendez Brothers begin attacking the Vance's businesses. |} ===Mendez Brothers=== {|class="wikitable" !Name/Screenshot !Character Appearances !Reward !Unlocks !Overview |- |[[File:TheMugshotLongshot-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[The Mugshot Longshot]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Diego and Armando Mendez]]
[[Lance Vance]]
[[Jerry Martinez]] |Nothing |[[Hostile Takeover]] (Mendez) |The Mendez brothers want an alliance with the Vance family, however the Vance's claim that Martinez stole the coke and so they have to prove it. |- |[[File:HostileTakeover-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Hostile Takeover]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Diego and Armando Mendez|Armando Mendez]] |$1,000
[[Vice City Bikers|Biker]] empire site |[[Unfriendly Competition]] (Mendez)
[[Turn On, Tune In, Bug Out]] (Lance) |Some people have ripped off Armando for a long time, he wants Victor to deal with the gang. |- |[[File:UnfriendlyCompetition-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Unfriendly Competition]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Diego and Armando Mendez|Diego Mendez]]
Armando Mendez |$1,300 |[[High Wire]] (Mendez)
[[Quad]] bike for purchase |The Mendez brothers have a rivalry with some drug dealers in [[Ocean Beach]] and Victor has to get rid off them. |- |[[File:HighWire-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[High Wire]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Diego and Armando Mendez|Armando Mendez]] |$1,500 |[[Burning Bridges]] (Mendez) (after completing [[Where it Hurts Most]] and [[Farewell to Arms]]) |The police have impounded some off the Mendez's cocaine, Armando wants them to be stolen back. |} ===Lance Vance=== {|class="wikitable" !Name/Screenshot !Character Appearances !Reward !Unlocks !Overview |- |[[File:TurnOn,TuneIn,BugOut-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Turn On, Tune In, Bug Out]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Lance Vance]] |$300 |[[The Colonel's Coke]] (Reni) (after completing [[Accidents Will Happen]]) |The DEA have bugged the police stations and are collecting evidence against the Vance brothers. |} ===Reni Wassulmaier=== {|class="wikitable" !Name/Screenshot !Character Appearances !Reward !Unlocks !Overview |- |[[File:AccidentsWillHappen-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Accidents Will Happen]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Reni Wassulmaier]]
[[Frankie]] |$850 |[[The Colonel's Coke]] (Reni) (after completing [[Turn On, Tune In, Bug Out]])
Crash! |The [[InterGlobal Films|Interglobal studio]] need a stuntman for a film, Victor decides to do the job. |- |[[File:TheColonel'sCoke-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[The Colonel's Coke]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Reni Wassulmaier]]
[[Gonzalez]] |$850 |[[Kill Phil]] (Reni)
[[Home's on the Range]] (Gonzalez) |Reni knows about a friend who needs help getting some merchandise safely to a lockup. |- |[[File:KillPhil-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Kill Phil]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Reni Wassulmaier]]
[[Barry Mickelthwaite]]
[[Phil Collins]] |$1,000 |[[Say Cheese]] (Reni) |Reni's friend, Barry needs help protecting his client, Victor runs protection this time. |- |[[File:SayCheese-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Say Cheese]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Reni Wassulmaier]]
[[Frankie]] |$850 |[[Kill Phil: Part 2]] (Reni) (after completing [[Purple Haze]])
[[Watersports]] |The studios again need a stuntman, and Victor does the job for some more money. |} ===Gonzalez=== {|class="wikitable" !Name/Screenshot !Character Appearances !Reward !Unlocks !Overview |- |[[File:Home'sontheRange-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Home's on the Range]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Gonzalez]] |$1,000 |[[Purple Haze]] (Gonzalez)
[[Taking the Fall]] (Lance)
[[Swinger's Club]] |Gonzalez sees if Victor can play golf before starting with business. |- |[[File:PurpleHaze-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Purple Haze]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Gonzalez]] |$1,000 |[[Kill Phil: Part 2]] (Reni) (after completing [[Say Cheese]]) |Gonzalez wants Victor to take some drugs to a deal in an alleyway. |} ===Lance Vance=== {|class="wikitable" !Name/Screenshot !Character Appearances !Reward !Unlocks !Overview |- |[[File:TakingtheFall-GTAVCS.png|175px]] [[Taking the Fall]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Lance Vance]] |$300 |[[White Lies]] (Lance) |Lance claims that the bikers have been behind the stolen coke and he wants to perform some fly-by's. |- |[[File:WhiteLies-GTAVCS.png|175px]] [[White Lies]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Lance Vance]]
[[Louise Cassidy-Williams]] |$1,500 |[[Where it Hurts Most]] (Lance)
[[Bovver '64]] |Lance has used the cocaine he has planned to sell and after being shouted at by Victor, he decides to give it all away in a helicopter. |- |[[File:WhereitHurtsMost-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Where it Hurts Most]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Lance Vance]]
[[Louise Cassidy-Williams]] |$500 |[[Burning Bridges]] (Mendez) (after completing [[High Wire]] and [[Farewell to Arms]]) |Louise says she has been followed all the way by Martinez's goons. Victor decides to go and pick her up to avoid any damage. |} ===Reni Wassulmaier=== {|class="wikitable" !Name/Screenshot !Character Appearances !Reward !Unlocks !Overview |- |[[File:KillPhilPart2-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Kill Phil: Part 2]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Reni Wassulmaier]]
[[Barry Mickelthwaite]]
[[Phil Collins]] |$1,500 |[[Steal the Deal]] (Diaz) |Before Phil Collins can perform his concert, he needs to make sure the stadium is away from hooligans wanting to kill him. |} ===Ricardo Diaz=== {|class="wikitable" !Name/Screenshot !Character Appearances !Reward !Unlocks !Overview |- |[[File:StealtheDeal-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Steal the Deal]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Ricardo Diaz]]
[[Lance Vance]] |$1,500 |[[The Exchange (GTA VCS)|The Exchange]] (Diaz) |Diaz wants the Vance brothers to get him a boat full of drugs that belongs to Gonzales. |- |[[File:TheExchange-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[The Exchange (GTA VCS)|The Exchange]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Ricardo Diaz]] |$1,750 |[[Farewell to Arms]] (Gonzalez) |Diaz is going to do a deal with the DEA and sell some off his drugs to them in exchange for guns. |} ===Gonzalez=== {|class="wikitable" !Name/Screenshot !Character Appearances !Reward !Unlocks !Overview |- |[[File:FarewelltoArms-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Farewell to Arms]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Ricardo Diaz]] |$2,500 |[[Burning Bridges]] (Mendez) (after completing [[High Wire]] and [[Where it Hurts Most]])
[[Minigun]] |Gonzalez is now working with Diaz and is asked to take his guns back to his colonel. |} ===Mendez Brothers=== {|class="wikitable" !Name/Screenshot !Character Appearances !Reward !Unlocks !Overview |- |[[File:BurningBridges-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Burning Bridges]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Diego and Armando Mendez|Diego Mendez]]
Armando Mendez
[[Lance Vance]] |Nothing |[[Blitzkrieg Strikes Again]] (Lance) |The Mendez brothers want to reward the Vance's for their services. |} ===Lance Vance=== {|class="wikitable" !Name/Screenshot !Character Appearances !Reward !Unlocks !Overview |- |[[File:BlitzkriegStrikesAgain-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Blitzkrieg Strikes Again]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Lance Vance]]
[[Phil Cassidy]]
[[Umberto Robina]] |$700 |[[So Long Schlong]] (Reni)
[[Lost and Found]] (Lance)
[[Domo Arigato Domestoboto]] (Diaz) |The Mendez's after their betrayal, are now attacking the Vance's business across the city. |- |[[File:LostandFound-GTAVCS.png|175px]] [[Lost and Found]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Lance Vance]]
[[Louise Cassidy-Williams]] |$1,500 |[[In the Air Tonight]] (Reni) (after completing [[So Long Schlong]] and [[Domo Arigato Domestoboto]]) |Louise is soon coming out of hospital, Victor wants to pick her up before Martinez does as he claimed to. |} ===Ricardo Diaz=== {|class="wikitable" !Name/Screenshot !Character Appearances !Reward !Unlocks !Overview |- |[[File:DomoArigatoDomestoboto-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Domo Arigato Domestoboto]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Ricardo Diaz]]
[[Lance Vance]]
[[Diego and Armando Mendez|Armando Mendez]] |$2,000 |[[In the Air Tonight]] (Reni) (after completing [[So Long Schlong]] and [[Lost and Found]]) |Diaz wants the Vance brothers to destroy Armando Mendez's bearer bonds. A high tech gear is ordered and ready for use. |} ===Reni Wassulmaier=== {|class="wikitable" !Name/Screenshot !Character Appearances !Reward !Unlocks !Overview |- |[[File:SoLongSchlong-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[So Long Schlong]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Reni Wassulmaier]] |$1,000 |[[In the Air Tonight]] (Reni) (after completing [[Domo Arigato Domestoboto]] and [[Lost and Found]]) |Reni is going to get a fourth sex change but she is at the same time wanted dead by the Mendez brothers. |- |[[File:ReniWassulmaier-GTAVCS2.jpg|175px]] [[In the Air Tonight]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Reni Wassulmaier]]
[[Phil Collins]]
[[Barry Mickelthwaite]] |$3,000 |[[Light My Pyre]] (Lance)
Phil Collins' concert |Phil Collins will perform his concert today, but Reni wants to escape by Victor's help from the Mendez brothers. |} ===Lance Vance=== {|class="wikitable" !Name/Screenshot !Character Appearances !Reward !Unlocks !Overview |- |[[File:LightMyPyre-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Light My Pyre]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Lance Vance]]
[[Diego and Armando Mendez|Armando Mendez]]
[[Louise Cassidy-Williams]] |$2,500 |[[Over The Top|Over the Top]] (Diaz) |Victor and Louise expect each other for a date however Louise is missing and has been kidnapped and killed by the Mendez Brothers. |} ===Ricardo Diaz=== {|class="wikitable" !Name/Screenshot !Character Appearances !Reward !Unlocks !Overview |- |[[File:OvertheTop-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Over The Top|Over the Top]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Ricardo Diaz]]
[[Phil Cassidy]] |$3,000
Army Fatigues
Tank in Fort Baxter Air Base is unlocked. |[[Last Stand]] (Diaz) |Victor wants to get his revenge on the Mendez brothers but he needs an attack helicopter to make things easier. |- |[[File:LastStand-GTAVCS.jpg|175px]] [[Last Stand]] |[[Victor Vance]]
[[Ricardo Diaz]]
[[Diego and Armando Mendez|Diego Mendez]]
[[Jerry Martinez]]
[[Lance Vance]] |Winner outfit |[[Hunter]] |Victor is officially finishing with his crime life and will do that once he has got his revenge on Diego Mendez and Sgt. Jerry Martinez. |} {{GTA}} [[Category:Missions in GTA Vice City Stories| ]]


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